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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Destined Souls

It is unequivocally the truth,
that our love soars to new heights,
when tested upon our earthly trials.
Time placed a detour
the heavens redirected us.
Loving you is the easiest thing I have ever done...
missing you is the most difficult.
 The meeting of two hearts and the embrace of souls
is essential to the magic of love.

I woke unto the darkness
where the universe rules,
controlled by the heavens
the road of destiny unfolds.

It wasn't coincidental,
that our souls would entwine,
the comfortable that we share
was the first sign.

Heard your voice in my dreams,
felt your touch in my heart,
I immediately knew this was special
that a love surfaced from a far.

I yearn to spend my life with you,
to embrace each moment of the day,
predestined to be together
on earth and in the world that awaits.

My heart was yours for the taken,
no effort to place upon my face a smile,
the feelings that have taken over my soul
as removed any trace of time or miles.

It is natural for me to love you,
I am at ease when you are close to me,
for my heart is the place for you to rest,
it is where you became a part of me.


* If you must force feelings, that person is not your soul mate. A true soul mate opens your heart naturally and effortlessly.

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