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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Snuggle Pillow

Snuggle pillow you are all mine,
it's that wonderful cuddling time,
You fit perfectly tucked in my arms
as I prepare to sleep under the stars.

I called your name in the dark of night
as my imagination was working overtime,
the pillow seem to disappear as it was
replaced with the love we share.

I couldn't fall asleep all night until I
felt our souls taking flight.
We took to the heavens high
and that is where we meet each night.

I am surrounded by the magic of love
that is how we dance in the clouds above,
I am falling into a tranquil spell and
you can tell by the love that in my heart

I am the luckiest person around
as I try to keep my feet on the ground,
something that is special indeed
I'm falling asleep to your memory.

Place your lips to mine ,
don't worry about the time,
we can overcome the rivers and streams,
the mountains have nothing on you and me.

I'd close my eyes and I said good night
as I could stay in this moment for life.
Snuggle pillow you are all mine
I'm  ready for cuddling time.

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