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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This Is...

This is my heart,
I give you my heart
to love and keep safe,
I give you my heart
to gently embrace.

This is my soul,
speaks if you listen,
speaks of our love
on this cloud like mission.

This is my dream
to share in this dream,
the dream that places
you forever next to me.

This is my story,
the words that I write,
how one heart met another
and our souls took flight.

This is the rainbow,
that arches the sky
bridging our memories
closer in time.


I saw a rose,
its petals tight
as time went on
it opened wide.

Petal by petal
I could see
the revelation
of all my dreams.

Sadness adieu
only love for you,
happiness lay in wait,
as my heart no longer

I saw a rose,
its petals tight,
as time went on
it opened wide.


It is not merely letters
that form a word or two,
each infused with love,
the love I have for you.

My soul cast the memories,
to reveal what's in the heart
and that brings the sunshine
to remove all traces of the


Right outside my window,
an unusual stillness appeared,
no winds, rain or darkness
blanketed the air.

The clouds hid the sunshine,
the fern green upon the earth,
lay upon the hills as a reminder
that every season has its worth.

The temperatures matter little,
whether warm or mighty cold,
as our time is  about sharing
and that warms the very soul.

Arranged in various form
words that tell what is in store,
plenty of sunshine each day,
as we watch the storms fade.

I reckoned with the heavens,
I noted it in many ways
the love I feel for you
day after day.

It might not be possible,
though try I may
to find the exact words
that my heart has to say.

Gazing up at the heavens
and I knew it to be
that love placed us together
through the beauty of a dream.

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