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Friday, November 27, 2015

Gifts of Love

As the gift giving season is rushed upon us, I found myself in the middle of creating our civic club tree for the local food bank. The president of the local garden club called and asked" What is the title of the tree this year? I responded quickly with " gifts of love" Spending a little one on one with my daughter she also brought up the difficulties in buying adults including siblings gifts.

Gifts of Love

I give you the gift of happiness,
to wear through out the day,
it matches every clothing ensemble
and it is perfect for blue skies and grey
The gift of peace is added,
may you feel it in the early morn
and have it spread throughout your
day like a virus in a windy storm.

But most of all I give you love,
to let you know how much I care
and what it means to have a friend
with whom my heart I share.

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