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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

In My Heart

If I could rearrange the
words within my heart,
I'd start with the moment
you fell down from the stars.

My mind goes to replaying
the time between us two,
a script from the heavens
cast me next to you.

An aura of distinction
places us high on the clouds,
the ambiance so powerful
it surrounds with only love.

If I could sing you a song,
I'd start with your heart
and have you sing
along with me.

If I could make all
my dreams come true,
I'd wake in your arms
while you whisper
" I love you."


As the eyes adjust to the darkness,
there is so much more to see, like
the heart's revelation of what you
mean to me.


I am working with nature
to bring you close to me,
like sunshine on my cheek
touches with memories.

I packed my wishes and
had them soar up high
traveling with the wind
to the stars up in the sky.

Season upon season,
this quest intensifies,
to find the road that
unites you and I.

Snowflakes a reminder
how our love endures
and a pinch of spring
to have us beg for more.

I won't go about counting
the time we have been apart,
because you have never left me
you have always been here in


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