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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Snow Fall

I could spend a day talking about the down side to the first snow fall, one being it is not great for travel. But there is true magic to the first snow fall. The child in me wants to run through and  catch snowflakes on my tongue and feel the coolness as it melts upon my cheeks. Images come to mind of playing in the snow, building snowmen and enjoying the snow as it creates a new canvas. Yet the flash of images that quickly worked their way into my heart included a stroll, side by side with you.
I felt your hand in mine as you pulled me close to you. Our hearts racing together under skies that were once blue. The snow is quite enchanting ,like a villa dressed in white. It cast a romantic scene, where there is only you and I. I conjured up the image of a horse drawn carriage for two and imagined  you beside me laughing while I giggled too. My heart clicked and saved the visions to get me through the day as I see you in every snowflake bringing a joy to my day.
I'd rather go about dreaming, even though I am out of control. I know that you will have the lead and my heart you'll hold. Snap and click the moment, hold that image for all time. The passion that we share is of the utmost design. Created in the heavens, sent down on angel wings. Our love is forever no matter what the season brings.

Emotion is my soul dictating to my heart,
the love I feel for you.

I'd trade my electric blanket
for your arms any day.

It is the first picturesque sign of winter
as I watched the snowflakes fall and
I embraced the winter chill as it
awoke my spirit while putting your
memories on recall.

The hills are quickly covered,
they now lay in a blanket of white
and it doesn't really matter
as I have you in my life.

The skies are a bit gray,
no sunshine to be found,
I think I'll spend my day
lounging around.

My mind is traveling quickly
to the days of yesterday,
where you first took my heart
and removes all shades of gray.

Love is an essential piece
of the puzzle we call life.

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