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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Stir of Emotion

I dedicate the sunrise
to the one who holds my heart,
from the hollow to the mountains
and far beyond the stars.

Brightens my life
with happiness and joy,
in a powerful moment
that nothing can destroy.


Cloth of silk,
patterns of life,
untypical design
heart raised not
of earth.

Gold lined,
silver brocade,
the quality of love
gets better with each

Woven by the soul,
with threads of the heart,
a tapestry now forms
and is seen through the



Heart to heart emotion,
no long trapped inside,
as our souls are bonded
and forever entwined.

Arousing all the senses,
the moment so surreal
as I can feel your love
like the rush of a chill.

My breath deepens,
as your love seeps in,
rapid beats of happiness
are an integral part of me.


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