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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Take Me To Your Heart

It is really easy
to share my life with you,
you might cherish them
but I cherish the memories too.
From the stroll by the stream
to a dip in the pool ,
we shared a lot of moments
that I'll forever hold.
The attic might seem lonely
the hills are quite empty too,
that was until you took my
hand and met me in the blue.
Dances in the kitchen,
car rides at night,
the list is so long
but it represents my life.
Simple adventures
where we share a moment or two,
like a lunch of romance
where I am sitting next to you.
Down the streets of the city,
or a stroll through the park,
it matters little where we go,
as you always have my heart.
No thanks are needed
for the time we've spent,
because I need you my love
till time comes to an end.
My love for you is never fleeting
for I have taken you to my heart
and all I ask of you my love is
for you to "take me to your heart."

The music played
and to my surprise,
it took me back to
 a place in time.

I felt you near
and incredibly so,
the sweetest love
in my heart grows.

I stood still and
I couldn't move,
memories flooded
to yesterdays tune.

The music played
and to my surprise,
it took me back to
a place in time.
Listen to the whispers of my heart,
they speak of my love for you.
From the day use first said hello
our love continued to bloom.

Time limits the experiences but
it can't stop my passionate love for you,
for I hold you deep within my heart
under the approval of the heavens blue..

Dissect all of life's experience,
separate the good from the bad,
you'll find the moments we shared
were the ones that made the heart glad.

Garden walks among the flowers and
a few down by the stream and
that is how our hearts came together
like uniting souls through a dream.

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