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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Deliriously Happy

The words are my eternal gift as
they have found their place in your heart.

The rainbow is a reflection of light through a drop of water,
your happiness is a reflection of love as seen through life.

Imagine a place where the comfort cradles you and love kisses you...
and you will have found my arms.

It only takes one knock at the door of the heart to view the joy of life.

When the melody comes together,
the harmony of life is revealed.

I accept each piece of the puzzle,
as a completion to the canvas.

Natures balance is the key to the survival of all living creatures,
the balance of the heart with the soul is the key to the survival of love.

When the heart is given the sight to see,
paradise is conjured from simple need.

There is no such thing as common,
only unlocked combinations.

It's not I don't forgive, for forgiveness is the wholeness to healing, It's not that I hate for hate is the wall that imprisons. What I choose to do, is to remember and as I review the moments in time, I propel forward in the ongoing journey.

Hope opened the gate,
faith released the dream.

That which taught my feet to dance also taught my soul to sing.

The availability of happiness teeters on your willingness
to accept the warmth of love as it flows outward from the center of your soul.

To pursue the reason for our being,
one must be willing to accept the
journey detail by detail.

The grass is indeed lush and green and the sky a magical blue and it all became a little more special when I shared the vision with you.

Circumstance built a wall,
love for life removed it all.

Happiness is attained by the sharing of love.

The sun is but the energy of my undying love,
as it rays bring light to the world,so does it
cast its beauty upon my soul.

You can make it last a little longer just
by holding me close in your heart.

Only if it falls upon your ears and is felt by your heart does
the music perform to the magic of love.

Love is not built upon expectation,
but is created by the will of the soul.
It is the trickery of the mind which teases the heart.
If mere chemicals can create such feel for passion,
I must be on a flood watch.

I shall not look back nor worry of the future,
for the celebration of love holds still the moment.

I rejoice in that we have experienced the pleasures of love.
Allow the wind to touch your soul with the magic of life.


Step on in and look around and feel the rays of love shining down. Your love warm and bright reflects on the water a magical sight. My soul, your soul out at sea, making our own history.
I leaned back in my old stuffed desk chair and traced the memories from when you first appeared. Something happened I can't explain, it was equivalent to driving me insane. Deliriously happy and silly as can be, I felt like I stepped right out of a dream. Nothing has ever been the same as my feet lay you the blame.
I leaned back in my old stuffed desk chair and traced the memories from when you first appeared. The sky took on the most powerful blue and zapped me to the heavens where I dance with you. My heart tried to explain and my soul knew what it had gained, love like never before, we're dancing without and any dance floor.
I leaned back in my old stuffed desk chair and traced the memories from when you first appeared. I smiled and I held you tight as the moment took on a magical sight. The silhouette above the mountains seen, reflects your love for me. Hearts beating created a sound introducing our love from the heavens down.
It was the devil who took my hand , it was a part of his rotten plan, he said no longer shall you write and I thought he must be kidding or out of his mind. His interference wasn't stopping me , I had to write the words of my passion plea. Love driven and my hearts desire, a little bit stubborn and a little bit fire. The words of this unseen plight were to keep me dancing noon and night. Love is a mystery as it showed up when I was most in need.

I have accomplished what I set out to do
and that is to document my love.



cordieb said...

Beautiful, love filled poems and affirmations. Thanks for writing and sharing your love with us! PLL, C.

Rachel C Miller said...

The gift of love is that which comes from sharing, I rejoice in that I know not only love, but that I have felt the return of love. I am happy you enjoy all that my heart expresses for it is the recording of a life through the magic of words.
Thank you Cordieb for your visits.

Mark said...

You have an amazing way of expressing yourself, you pull me in with your words ...