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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The beauty of love

People always ask" how do you surface through the less than positive situations?" I think it is really rather easy. you do just that you reach for the positive, you hold on to it and you don't let go. Sometimes the positive is really rather simple, a thought, action or a song. My very favorite song on the camp bus as a child was ... Sings> Stay on the sunny side, and always on the sunny side, stay on the sunny side of life (dun du dun dun dun dun) You will feel no pain as we drive you all insane, if you stay on the sunny side of life. I smiled as I remembered the childhood song and how crucial it was to file the positive close by, where you could reach for it at any moment. I thought about the expectations we have for the future and our dreams and when the struggles surface how natural it is to reach out to you. I have filed you and the love you give deep in my heart, it cradles me in comfort, gives me the kiss of faith and when the darkness overcomes all light, I reach into my heart and the joy of your love lights the way.

We are born through the magic of life and
we continue to grow through the beauty of love.
Birthdays are earths calculations of time spent,
I celebrate time lived.

It's not happy Catch up Day it is happy swift
movement as you sprint ahead day !

This is the dream where you and I meet, cast in the heavens our hearts sing. Magical is our embrace, secured with a kiss in our special place.

This is the dream where you and I meet, where we dance with no time to think. The clouds a blanket make until you pulled them down and a stage they now make on the ground.

This is the dream where you and I meet, where nothing exist except you and me. We are down by the ocean listening to the waves, as our hearts beat to each moment of the day.

This is the dream where you and I meet, where our souls unite for all eternity. Excited yet calm your arms I now lay, in the heart of dream on this most wonderful day.

This is the dream where you and I meet, where hands interlock and I hear you breathe. Sweet songs of love fill the air, from my heart and soul to you my dear.

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