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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I was driving down the road to the usual locations where I pick up feed for the animals and supplies for skin care when I came to  a detour sign. It seems that they have chosen to work on all the bridges in Greene at one time. What was normally a fifteen minute drive into town became a forty minute drive on the outskirts of the county. At first I felt put out, discouraged, that I couldn't get done the simple little chores in a quick fashion and than I relaxed and took in the beauty of the hills as I explored the magic of rarely traveled roads. 

Quickly I accepted the fact that it was  inevitable that it may take me a little longer but that I would arrive at my destination never the less. I thought this pretty much compares to life, we want to get there quick, looking for the shortcut that will either make our work less or give us success faster.  It has been said that " patience is a virtue" that everything will happen in good time and the valued trait of patience will allow the needed time to develop spiritually,emotionally and intellectually.

The ride down the long and winding roads revealed the lessons of the detours in life. The adaptation of plants and how each flourishes in various conditions. This also reminded me of people, the more nourishment we receive, the more we have to give. Like the blooms of the many flowers along the road side, their stems leggy growing tall to find their place as they reach for the rays of the sun. 

Through out our journey we confront the barriers which circumstance, time and place have set. When we find the inner strength and the confidence we are capable of hurdling one at a time or all together each barrier that blocks our path. Rebuilding bridges or lay new ones or taking the detour, as long as we respect that for each of us it will take a certain amount of time and courage to travel on the alternate route or build new bridges. The detours of life and the occasional stop signs are the warnings to alert us to the danger of our surroundings. The time to digest slowly enough that we learn and absorb all that life has to give. The direction which leads us to the place where we will gain the most amount of experience and the intelligence to reckon with all that circumstance brings to the forefront. 

The bridge that crossed the mountains was built 
upon a dream and led my heart and soul to embrace each memory.

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