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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I love you

You are central to the dream and I can't or won't release
that which holds me in the night in the surreal dance upon the heavens.

I felt the warmth of a thousand suns at the
thought of one magical moment in your arms.
I relinquished all that I am to the heavens,
for one glimpse at the beauty of love.

It was the actions of your heart which performed the miracle of allowing an infusion of love deep into my very soul. I cannot deny that which brought my spirit to life also creates a hunger for more.

Looking last night at the beauty of the galaxy, we began a conversation on what part earth plays in the larger scheme of things. My daughter simplified it rather easy, she said its like the book " the Horton's find a who" we are the who's. The magnitude of space reminds me of a spiders web in which earth is entrapped.
If you ever watched a spider build a web, its an art form to see the silk spun, as he prepares to catch his prey. There are those who live life in much the same way, they weave a web that is hard to break free of. Unlike the spider whose web can be rebuilt many times throughout the day or week, a humans web interacts like a network as it develops it tightens and suffocates.
I thought about all the people I have met, the faces begin to swirl around and yet they are as clear as the first day I met them, never to fade. It is incredible that each comes with a lesson and it make take years to realize exactly what the messages reveal. It is obvious as we advance on the journey we will understand more of each experience.
I had met a elderly woman sometime back, age had taken its toll on her, yet her eyes sparkled of youth. I woke to her image as if somehow her face was seared forever to my being. What was the underlying message? What did I overlook and why almost like a haunting do I see her as clearly today as I did that very first day we met?
Freedom and the restraints of responsibility fluctuate as we try to find a balance within the depth of our soul. I literally felt a breath of air as I imagined breaking through the silk spun web that seem to suffocate me. Educating the spirit means you can't go back, with the gained knowledge you continue to travel forward. Where does the moment lead and why? Again I saw this woman's face, her eyes filled with spirit, spoke of hope and her body tired knew its limitations.
My eyes are heavy, I want to succumb to the moment and allow them to close, only to find that they are open to the possibilities that life offers. Reaches for your hand, pull!!! The web is a creation of our very own insecurities, allow me to lean upon your strengths to free my spirit.

I smile at the dreams that embrace the moment.

The heart from the window seen,and a glimpse of life when your with me.
The rain and thunder is a storm in awe, the sounds of life a wake up call.
My soul has nothing to fear, it
knows your love is everywhere or
is it that it knows your love is here in my heart?

Not a victim of circumstance nor the devils call what pierces deeply to the heart is my hunger for it all. The sweetness of your embrace, the tenderness of kiss,the calm and warmth of the moment in a constant state of bliss.

The awe of a circus and the theatrical balancing act of the high wire acrobat brings attention to the phenomenal skill necessary to pull off an amazing feat. Life, to perform at our best, we to must bring a balance into all that we are and all that we do. Balance of heart, mind and soul creates a stable platform where confidence is launched and yet in one breath I can sense both the positive and negative energy which surrounds me as it employs a temptation to teeter.

There is no greater love nor power which can move the heart and soul as deeply as the first moment you returned to me the magic of love.

I can if you will...


Mark said...

Beautiful Rachel! It is an art form to see the spun web and it is our love which allows us to be free of the web yet interconnected by an invisible yet knowable force which we are all part of.
True, this life is a matter of balance, we must be aware and it is through our awareness that we achieve a delicate balance and do so without effort or stress.

Mateo said...

No one said it would be easy.

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Mark,
Who greased my tight rope. lol Intricate and delicate is the weave.