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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let Your Soul Be Free

I have many a time thought what it might have felt like to be Gulliver in the stories Gulliver's Travels. In the story Gullliver is tied down by the little people of Lilliput and held prisoner. I related to the story based on what ties down the mind and imprisons us and again what sets us free. I at one time thought circumstance played a big part in the restrictions placed upon us and then I began to realize the entrapment is created by our very own inner weakness.
Do we master the mind or do we allow our mind to master us? I believe both parables exist at various times within our life. Gaining control and guiding our spirit is an ongoing journey in this remarkable experience called life.
Freedom, it is ironic that not until something touches you on a personal level do you become aware of its reflection upon your life. The experience, loss, restraints all of them bring a certain amount of awareness. Imagine for one moment the loss of hearing and not being able to appreciate the beauty of sound, the loss of sight, which would rob us of the views that circle around us. All of our senses touch us in a way that expands our inner vision. I have felt the touching of the flesh, but it is the embrace of hearts which warms my soul. I have witnessed the beauty of earths paradise and the creatures which exist within it, but it is the beauty of love which revealed a vision incomparable with that of any moment in time. I have tasted the nectar of the honey suckle in bloom, but what I crave is the sweetness of one day with you. I heard the sounds in symphony as they play throughout the day, but the song that caught my attention was the one my heart played.
I feel your love close to me, it lifts me beyond the trees,
to the sky so blue, where I dance my love each night with you.

Sings>Set your mind at ease, let your soul be free, we're here to journey on, I know it's where we belong. We are the sky of blue and when the sun shines I think of you, we are the morning bright and the stars that shine at night.

Set your mind at ease, let your soul be free, we're here to journey on, I know it's where we belong. I saw it in the dream, it cast you the lead and placed you in my heart for all eternity.

Whispers... set your mind at ease, let your soul be free, we're here to journey on, I know it's where we belong. You are sweet memories, my tomorrows dream, you are the love through which my heart sings. ...set your mind at ease, let your soul be free, let your soul be free.

The true experience of love is not based on what one can possess,you placed it in my heart and from a seed of desire it grew and it entwined around my soul all the love of you. You gave it to the wind and through the hills it blew, the magic of life under the skies of blue. When all is said and done and the day with you is through, we meet upon the heavens, that is what love can do. There are no restrictions our love is always free, to soar beyond the mountains, to live beyond the dreams and as the moon takes it place surrounded by the stars we will break the barriers of distance as we dance heart to heart.

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