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Sunday, June 21, 2009

On a clear day I can see forever!

In general life is about satisfying the hunger. There are no easy answers about how we go about feeding the hunger, as hunger is different for everyone. I define hunger as the internal hole which begs to be filled. It wasn't until I accepted each experience as the chapter it is, that I understood we are a lot like Swiss cheese and to be complete we have to appreciate each stop along the great journey.

The building of character is no easy task as everyone will interpret each experience as their own soul will see fit. I found myself reviewing the memories of the past and all the steps along the journey. I filed those which were heaviest to the back and allowed only the positive to surface. I smiled as I felt the inside laughter create a tremble which caused my lips to quiver. I felt the long awaited calm cradle my being as the hunger subsided and I accepted my role in the ongoing exploration of life. Directed by the heavens and guided by the soul in the development of and odyssey.

For the first time in a long time I didn't feel the internal battle or the chase to be in the shadows of a memory, I accepted the memories as the integral part of the journey that they are. To allow the spirit a stagnant place in time is as detrimental to the being as not allowing the physical to journey forward. The curtains were drawn open and a wider view of life could now be seen.

The moment seemed almost magical and I had wondered what made the morning any different than the many mornings before today. It was the question I hadn't want to ask and yet I repeated it several times as I began to wake from a long nights sleep. What if someone had not intercepted, would the journey have taken a different path? It was as if this revelation of truth was somehow freeing that I had now come to understand that it is not how another person witnesses and accepts the journey, but how I myself had interpreted the experiences along the way.

What actually stirred such a calm within me was when a long time friend emailed me pictures of their life from work to children. I responded with I was meaning to send a gift, not sure what you needed. The response "no gift needed, you are the gift." I realized at that moment the importance we play in in the life of those we meet and their importance in our life. Though the journey make take us n different directions at various times throughout our travels we tuck away deep inside the positive memories which give us strength to move forward.

Our earthly travels may seem cumbersome at times, moving without direction until we accept the beauty of our spirit in flight. The moment was not a mere acceptance of life and the ongoing journey, it was a celebration of a soul set free. With the help of air I could breathe and continue to feel the breath of life as I feel the embrace of love.

Our true responsility is to ourself and as we accept the beauty of our being, the connection of kindred spirits we are able to appreciate the moment and journey forward without the weight of fear, heartache, sorrow nor despair.

There will be days of rain and like the days of friendship
they shall be a reminder how you have nutured my spirit
and encouraged my soul to grow.

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