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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 06, 2009

...beyond the blue.

I had walked about a mile into the woods that ran along side the Monongahela River, the trees dressed in full summer green led me down a path which opened to a spectacular view of the river. This little hideaway seem to open like a doorway to a paradise. Beautifully tucked away it had the feel of a well kept park, the grass neatly trimmed and the waves from the river rushed to the shore which was free of any human debris. This seldom seen and rarely traveled path gave a glimpse of nature in balance.

Quickly I looked around and found a place near the waters edge where could I rest for a moment as I absorbed the beauty of nature in succession. The rhythmic sound of the waves as they clashed with the large protruding bolder like rocks was melodic and calming to the soul as it brought a sense of peace to the moment.

Like a page out of a story of a book, the scene was constantly changing. Never dull the beauty of life altered the canvas often within a short period of time. Face to face with reality, you could see mans imprint or should I say interference with nature. Few places if any exist where the impact of man had not challenged nature to a battle.

The sounds of the river water accompanied by the passing train created a hum as it joined in chorus to provide us with a harmonic song to the ear, which for one moment brought mans intervention together with nature. The song of life, soothing and some how a tease to the spirit created a doorway beyond reality. Passing through the gateway, I became aloof to the my space in time as I drifted to the recreation of the day and felt your hand locked in mine and your soul to mine , one to one on a distant journey.

As quick as the day began it ended, the sun set and the night began its reign. I was mesmerized by the fullness of the moon and its control upon the night sky. There were few stars to be see as the sky was covered in a blanket of haze and yet the silhouette of trees came to life as the fireflies took to the branches. I sat in an amazement at how simplicity could compliment the darkness with its magical dance that lit the dark creating a three dimensional view.

Like the closing of a chapter the earlier part of the day recorded the moments. The bass hooked by the local fisherman, the robins nest destroyed by yesterday's storm and the heron as it fed upon the minnows. The minuscule reminders document the power of life and the vulnerablitity in which our souls rest. It was at this very moment that I accepted the dreams ast the gift they are and I appreciated more what life had to offer. I gathered all that I could see and all the sounds of the day and I filed them accordingly, to share them with you at any given moment.

Hold still the dream and allow it to breathe the love for him held deep in me. Feel the embrace beyonds the heavens blue, the secrets released of a love so true. Whisper not in the voice of song, the music of life is short, yet strong. Sun light, moon dust and river or bay, it is how we make the distance fade.

Expands my reach beyond the blue,
to express all my love for you.

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