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Monday, July 13, 2009

Falling in love with a soul

The fives major and most used senses consist of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. In many ways we share parts of our self that we are not aware of and it's only when we recognize an underlying sign that a flag is raised, bringing to the forefront an awareness. It is amazing what you can pick up in someones voice or actions and how we trace the emotions felt to explain that which we don't really understand.

Our keen perception leads us to explore deeper into a moment to decipher what is going on. I have found the closer you are to someone the more you can read into them. Again I think of the misinterpretation that we fall victim to and how we may see something that doesn't exist. This is where communication is so important. I have never really been one to want ask or dig into another persons life and so I always hope that if something is bothering them, that they would feel free to discuss it with me.

I find it amazing that when we lack the time by distance and place that one sense can over power the others and that we gain a stronger ability to either see or hear. It is like having receptors and they are out there to protect, understand, develop and gain a better understanding of the current moment.

The heart has the ability to do tread through many of the senses, it can see, feel and hear. I myself have had many reactions to life and love. I felt emptiness, desire, pleasure and ache, I have heard the angels, the music of love and the silence of the darkness. From the hollow looking out I have seen through the sun, and the rain the ability to nurture and through the beauty of the mountains tasted the sweetness of its fruit. The fragrant reminders brought a sense of calm and hunger that battled for the same stage.

I believe the heart and mind perceive life on different plateau's. I try to to file my thoughts accordingly and to listen to both my heart and my mind. There is a major cord that has me dangling like a pendulum back and forth, an emotional battle with the positive and negative of life. I try to reach to that which is positive and hold on tight and not let go. I am am afraid to let go.

The rains prevails and again clouds another summer day. As the darkness takes over the room fear reveals itself. Frightened of the demons, those which you cannot see but can feel,sense and almost taste. A chill could be felt as it raged through my body creating an awareness of the physical. My spirit had somehow felt the entrapment of being neither here nor there, like an existence without any real meaning.

I reminded myself that no answers could be found by trying to tap into the hunger and allowing my soul to feel the emptiness. I race to clear the images and bring a sense of gratitude to the forefront as I rejoice in the exploration of life that brings such joy. Months into my new years resolution, I reviewed " to thine own self be true"

I reached out for you and pulled as hard as I could on the string of memories that brought me the most joy. I hated this part of myself, this weakness that showed its face. The day is warm and yet I feel as if the wind had touched down whispering of winter. We challenge the days from moment to hour as we beg to understand the cold and the fire.

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Mark said...

Love has many faces. There is nothing to fear, love knows not fear. When we love and accept love as it comes and goes we understand that every moment is precious.