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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I love you so...

I watched the flicker of light as it danced on the wall, the candle burning bright set and ambiance which enthralled. Caught in your spell, my heart cried out to you, to hold me close as we dance upon the heavens blue.

The mood inviting sent my imagination on a chase, to conjure the image of you and I face to face. Your finger to my heart traced the words I love you and your lips to mine made my fondest dream come true.

Special are the moments I share with you, hand in hand in all that we do. Boundless emotions to the heavens strewn, as a celebration of all my love for you. The moon surfaces as the day quickly ends and the memories of love to the clouds transcend.

Passion is when the heart agrees with the soul
that the moment is worth celebrating.

How is it that which contains such power
can be so gentle...sweet loves embrace.


Mark said...

Love and passion are so powerful yet so gentle on our souls.

Rachel C Miller said...

yeah, no point in fighting it... smiles.