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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Object of My Affection


Love is the reflection of our soul as seen through the beauty of life.

Passion sows the seeds of desire as
it nutures the power of love.

Waiting for the sunrise, looking for the blue, I'm caught up in a dream of loving you. Silk in the wind, your heart my embrace and when I looked into the darkness I saw your face.

Reached out for your hand and to my surprise the distance had nothing on my mind. You offered to dance, I couldn't refuse and so we dance through life just me and you.

Waiting for the sunrise looking for the blue, I'm caught up in a dream of loving you. Silk in the wind, your heart my embrace and when I looked into the darkness I saw your face.

Heaven doused us with raindrops from the blue and everyone you catch holds a kiss from me to you. Collect them if you can place them in your heart, the raindrops of heaven gave love its start.

Love and affection, it is in knowing what love
is that I became aware of what love isn't.

It is not the act of touch,the energy
which is felt by the soul,
soothes and excites.

I accept the moment for the beauty that it is,
for only love can bring such happiness.

I trust in this love for it is very powerful,
enough so that it removed the mountains
to share in the beauty of life.

...how much higher can we soar, if we already danced in the heavens?

Summer is in full swing and it is at this time when the hollow is completely enclosed in the beauty of nature. The many shades of green create a wall that allows for very little penetration from the rays of the sun. Sometimes I feel as if I am cut off from the rest of the world. Scenic like a view of paradise and yet my heart hungers to feel the warmth of your embrace. Gathering many wild herbs from the majestic red Monarda to the periwinkle blues of Chicory my mind travels and I feel distant from the reality of the moment.
In the middle of several projects, I feel no desire to complete any of them. The need to escape my surroundings is ever present. My heart feels as if it lingers with a kind of a lull between each beat and my mind races to be where you are. Worlds apart I feel the separation of our being and the walls of distance that over power the moment.
My fingers to my lips, I imagine the sweetness of your kiss and the excitement that comes with your presence. I feel this great need to escape or free myself from the self inflicted weight of reality. My eyes heavy beg to close, blocking out the moment as I welcome the dreams which soothe my restless spirit.

To step beyond mere existence,
one must be willing to accept the
journey without complete disclosure.
Here is my heart, I give to you my heart as a gesture of my deepest love. Know that it will be with you always as the rhythmic sounds of each beat will overcome the silence of the night. My heart is not a treasure to be cherished like the pearls of the sea, as its true gift appears at the merge of one heart to another. Adjust to the darkness and you will see, soul within soul for eternity.

My hell is in knowing love and
feeling the walls of separation.

Love sets souls free ...

I love you more with each breath I take
and with each beat of my heart.

It wasn't until I felt the power of in love that
I knew a difference even existed.

When I teeter, you stand strong,

I prefer to remain optimistic as the journey filled with sorrow
led me to a new horizon that cradles with love in the dark of night.

It is true that love pure of heart can bridge the ocean, soar with the winds and shine daily down upon the soul with heavens reminder that we are love.

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Mark said...

You are blessed to see and feel what and how you do! You words are beautiful!