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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Memories

I heard the song, the song in my dreams and the song of love, brought joy to me. The words fade like a summer day but the love you give is here to stay. In my heart is the place where you will find,happiness time after time. From the river waters to the sky blue, we dance and love just me and you.

I felt the angels kiss in the breeze, a gentle reminder what you mean to me. The love we share is like a day in spring, magical, wonderful and refreshing. The fields were filled with surprise, from the geeze hiding to the clover high, running through like a child set free, I felt your hand take hold of me.

The ocean winds touched gently down,
with a kiss of sweet memory.

Sings> I wanted to give you sunshine in rain, snowflakes in summer and dreams that won't fade.I begged the heavens to listen and see, that the world would be better if everyone dreamed.

I wanted to give you the canvas of life where everything that happens is magical and bright, from the morning you wake up till you close your eyes, I wanted my kiss to be your surprise.

I wanted the winds to hug like a glove as it brings to you all of my love. May your heart be gladdened, may your soul find peace in the arms of love where we can dream.

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