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Monday, July 06, 2009

Love and Patience

It has been said that many people celebrate the 4th of July without knowing what they are celebrating. In all actuality it is the celebration for the day in history in which we declared our Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. As time progresses we realize we have much to celebrate on our journey through freedoms door.
Many times we are confronted with losing the rights in which we have become accustomed to. The power lays within the very hearts of the people who fear the loss of Independence. Through our knowledge and freedom to vote we control the outcome of the future. There is more than the ability for our country to stand financially independent, we also have gained the control over our destiny through our voice and our actions.
On our personal journey we are also confronted with the issues of Independence. Independence is a fine line in which we teeter as our need for guidance creates a hunger to know and be more. As I watched the fireworks fill the sky with colors of the rainbow, I embraced the wisdom that allows for personal growth and strength. I thought of my dreams and aspiration for the future and I felt the sense of loss and restlessness as I questioned the many challenges that we confront on a daily basis. The winding road without direction weaves through life and sometimes we find our self slowing down from the weight of yesterday and speeding up with the faith in tomorrow.
The visual as seen through the heart transforms time and space into a mere fraction of reality. The emphasis on our own intervention leads us to react to the moment in away which either comforts the soul or encourages our own inner growth. As I stroll through the ups and downs of the mountainous terrain, I realized that as I stumbled you lifted me gently, as I weakened you loaned me your strength, as I became lost, you guided me to a clearing and when hopelessness showed its face, you intervened with love and patience.
Happy Independence Day, for we walk through life with our hearts and souls free to explore, to love and to challenge all that life offers.

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Mark said...

A very thoughtful post on Independence Day Rachel. Independence is important, however true independence is a internal job.