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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Morning, Love

The candle flame burning, shadows on the wall, love infused pleasures from the heavens make a call. I felt it in the morning, I saw it in the light, the warmth and happiness which brightens up my life. The whisper of the moment, tickled desire and I knew that you were waiting to dance throughout the hour.

You lifted my soul in the dance upon the heavens.

Open your mind and free your soul,
my soul you touched and my heart you hold.
This moment accurate and so very true,
cast you my angel who rules the blue.

When we were very young we were taught the difference between hearing and listening. In maturity we understand that there are interpretation issues. That people listen and interpret what fits their life at the moment. The variations is exactly what makes one song fit into the lives of many a listener. I ask that when you wake up this morning, you allow your heart to hear the song of life and allow its music to flow through your spirit to bring us closer together. Can you hear me?

This is no ordinary blue bird, he was sent to sing a song, to remind you of our love, all day long. He sits right out your window, so carefully he sings and his music is a touch of life, which makes everyday like spring.

Listen a little closer, I know you can hear the waves, they brush up against the sand in a powerful and rhythmic way. Thrusting they implore to you, to listen as they sing, the love for life which directed the path and brought you to me.

You can hear it in your heart, you know where I belong, nothing can ever alter the heavens as they sing a long. Each beat of heart, beats for you alone, the music of my love, playing so ever strong. Allow the moment to take center stage, as the orchestra of life through the mountains play.

Cities with traffic, a wild and raging stream, all have something in common, they sing for you and me. Wake up to the sounds and listen close and you will hear, how love conducts a concert and tosses it through the air.
One touch can reveal the magic of love,
or the presence of hate.
One thought can give life direction, or
build barriers to the mind.
It is not the action that stimulates a reaction,
it is the transfer of energy that touches my soul.

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Michelle said...

Lovely. Truly lovely.