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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 03, 2009

la la la la I love you.

I lay here in the early morn before the sun has yet to rise, victim of a darkened room it plays tricks on my mind. Reaching out in the darkness, I was sure I felt your hand or a bit of wishful thinking I dreamt us in the sand. Ocean waves brushing gingerly up against our feet and your arms so inviting wrapped sweetly around me. Leans back for a kiss, with a smile on my face as hearts are racing there is no keeping pace. Entwined like wisteria growing wild and free, the magic of love wrapped you around me. I lay here in the early morn before the sun has yet to rise, thankful for the moment when you walked into my life.


This is no ordinary dance, no ordinary song, the music is from the heart and each step is in your arms. From the hills surrounding the hollow, to the clouds drifting by, we dance,dance, dance morning, noon and night.

When the soul is free of expectation
the heart is pleasantly surprised.

I gathered the memories and I tossed them to the blue and as I gazed upon the heavens I saw what love could do. One fallen tear that distance left behind created a rainbow to bridge beyond the mind. I quivered from the images of loves most gentle embrace and as the moment progressed your sweetness I could taste.

I can’t imagine a greater love than that
which brings pleasure to the mind,
joy to the heart as it
soothes the soul.

It was amazing when you took my hand, magical when you touched my heart, comforting when you embraced my soul. They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder” absence brings awareness to the void that only love can fill.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, it’s how I hold you close and whisper words of love like the rambling of my prose. Dances with your memory, to feel your sweet embrace, kisses you good morning, as I imagine the look upon your face. Brings to me such happiness that nothing can hide, it is seen in the sparkle that escapes from my eyes.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, its how I control the miles, I take the mountains and to us I make them bow. Dances on the clouds, under star lit skies, as the music from the heavens plays for you and I. My soul feels the coddling as your arms hold me tight and here is where my heart is given the gift of sight.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, its gets me through the day and in the night it knows whose arms I’ll lay. The music is sent from up above and the clouds the dance floor where we celebrate our love. My heart embraces you in every way as it gives to life a strength that grows stronger every day.

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