Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

and I love you so...prose, the rambling of my heart.


Pulls you close for our dance on the beach. The wind blows in away that tempts the heart and teases the soul. Candles lit upon the shore as the rage of the waves roll closer creating the moment and capturing the magic which holds still our love. I feel the intensity of your most gentle and loving heart embrace my being as never before. My head tilts back into your hands as I gaze into the beauty of your eyes and peer into the depth of your soul. Interlocked heart with heart and soul with soul as the merging of flesh empowers the dreams.
The song of the gulls accompanied by the music of the sea performs in away which invites our love to unite in away which becomes one with the moment. No distance between us, no heaven nor hell, I am in your arms and only love mysteriously dwells. With each breath that we share in the kiss of desire we become one with the water and one with the fire. Beyond the heart and deep in the soul the connection was made beyond this mortal hold.
Something is happening, I just can't explain but it morphs my whole being and redirects in various ways. I'm holding and embracing I'll never let go, I want you so badly I just need you to know. I've talked with the sun, I whispered your name and I begged the wind to do just the same. Written in the heart with indelible ink,the words of my love shall never fade nor bleed. Time is passing and there is much to do, but like the dance at the sea it will always be with you. Love only gets stronger more powerful with each day as it takes over my thoughts to bring you my way.
We are here on the beach can you hear the waves roll and the wind at your face and the sand at your feet? We are here in the moment, can you hear my love call , my very heart beat, the embrace of my soul in a whispering sweet? Try it! Just do it! Close your eyes now! My arms are open and I am here with a smile, I am waiting, I needing and I'm love you now, just let it all go and break down those miles. We are here at the beach, your heart to mine, as our souls are enraptured with this moment in time. We are here, yes I am with you, from morning till night, to watch as the sun rises and again as the stars take to the sky. Close your eyes, yes feel me, just don't let me go I want you so badly and I am needing you so.

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