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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poetry and Prose of my Heart

As basic as our need for food and shelter is our need to be loved. How one receives and expresses love is as diverse and unique as each individual. As I went about feeling jars with homemade rose petal scrub my mind seemed preoccupied with my own experiences with the emotions that are brought on my sharing a moment of passion. There were many images that cast scenes that were deeply infused with the power of love, Your hands on top of mine as I do the dishes, your arms around me as I feel the jars, turning around and looking into your eyes as our lips meet up for a kiss. The quick glimpse at the inner working of love in motion reveals how love for one another can be felt and shared throughout the day.
Love is appreciating not only the traits in which a person has in common but admiring the differences that provide us with a glimpse of individual strengths. Sharing in a moment that creates a true atmosphere of happiness. I do believe that as children we are taught the first basic steps in how to share or not moments of affection. A simple hug, a tender kiss, acknowledgment by reinforcing our love for one another. The ways to express our needs vary and how we communicate opens doorways to not only accepting such love but returning our love.
There is an energy, I normally refer to it as a connection, but all in all, it is not something we actually do or say, but something we feel. It is at the very center of our core as a human being and is revealed to us when we can be ourselves and find the ultimate in acceptance. It is the time when you don't have to think about what your saying and there are no such thing as mistakes,just lessons of life.

When I wake up in the morning you're the first thing on my mind,
wanting to kiss you and embrace your heart with mine. Living and
loving the way its meant to be, wanting to please you that is what
I dream.
When I go about my work, I wonder how you are. My mind can't
stay busy enough and so it's drift to happier times. Sharing a
smile, singing a song or two, dancing under blue skies and
simply loving you.
When I prepare to meet the stars of night, I thank the Lord for
the chance where the road crossed and we collided you and I.
You make this life worth living and when I close my eyes at
night, the dreams all begin again.
Every now and then I think about the various combinations of the limited words of the human speech. Interchangeable expressions of the experiences of love. I am ever so reminded why I record our love and the deeper meaning of the moment surfaces. Unselfish, warm, kind, passionate filled desire rise to the occasion . You not only have a place in my heart, but you are the moment, the magic that draws on the passion and that is why I love you so.

I celebrate each moment that I share with you,
each one like a glimpse of my fondest dreams
come true.

May you feel the passion empower your soul,
in a heavenly expression of our most tender hold.

I gathered in a collection the images of love,
those that I am most fond of, were sent down
from the clouds above.

The magical embrace, a sweetness that I can taste,
a joy for the living, where the heart is always giving.

Dancing like a child circling in the wind, hands in the
air and to your arms I quickly spin.

Round and round I go, feeling dizzy I won't let go,
the love that we share places happiness everywhere.

I want to love you, to feel your breath against my cheek
and allow the necessary moment where our souls can be,
like the magic of our dreams, soaring high above the
mountains and the sea.

I want to love you, to love you in away that says forever
more and where our bodies are there to be explored. To
place the kisses of my love on you, to welcome the
moment as a dream come true.

I want to love you, feel your hand interlocked with mine,
a tender expression of the mind. Where the world stands
still just to get a view of a love that is ever so true.

I want to love you, as we exchange the breath of life and
feel our hearts beat one to one with time. In a day that
last forever, in a day of just you and I.

I want to love you, love you, love you more and more
with each day, to feel that tenderness that I have
come to know like a hug that just wont let go.

Through the gates of the garden to where the lily's are in bloom, I'll wait for you my darling till the sky is filled with the stars and the moon. La de dum, la de da, no words do I need la de dum, la de da, I love you, La de dum, la de da, my heart sings. La de dum, la de da, of my love for you.

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