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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 14, 2010

In My Nightly Dreams.

I am feeling awfully needy as I try to remain busy but find that I am missing you way to much. Every minute that I share with you just makes me hungry for more. But I also know that you are here in my heart, no matter what we are doing or where we are. So.. have I told you lately that I love you? I do love you so and it is on days like this that I wish you were here to share in simple day to day activities.

Well if I haven't I love you! I love you more and more with each breath I take and any distance between us just has me hungering for more and more of you......I love you so much! Yells from mountain top > I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

It is early morning and the rain is ever so gently falling down. It's as if the birds and animals know it is a to do nothing on misty wet days time. It's relatively warm and the windows are all open and you can hear the trains from almost a mile away. Usually you can't hear the train whistle or the hum as the trains runs along the tracks . I glanced out the kitchen window and the hollow appeared dressed in its finest greenery from the large amount of rain fall. It was a pretty typical morning, I made my raspberry and mint sun tea and a cinnamon bagel. I feel distant this morning, not sure if its the faint headache or that it is just another day much like the previous ones. I should have known better than to lay back down to sleep, it seems you always wake up feeling worse than the first time you woke up. Sometimes I wonder if I am suited to working in a situation where self discipline is so necessary, easy to want to dream the day away. Though I have been accomplishing a few things, packages are half ready to ship to customers, the laundry room is semi finished and the bathroom is coming around and I am somewhat focused on my domestic chores as well as my work. I remember the very first day where I found writing to be the flotation device that saved my soul. I am not quite sure if it was the magic of the moment , the literal escape from my surroundings or a period of growth that stirred emotions that had yet to be experienced. I am still amazed to this day, how love can span a wide range of obstacles to pleasure the heart and inspire the soul. Taking time out from my daily chores I review all that we have been through and and I feel blessed to have traveled above the mountains to see the joy of life. I clicked on the archives wow how many years ago was it? 8: 45 and I am on the ice... I have been granted and opportunity to experience real love , real caring and the real warmth of your friendship. It has been a tough journey at times, couldn't have done it without you. Silly tears flooding down my cheek as I think about how, ok I try to refrain from using the work lucky, but how blessed I a truly am to have you in my life.I think that is where you come in, lets dance in an early celebration of the greatest of loves!


I wasn't looking, it was all by surprise,
that love could be so wonderful to bring
you to my side.

The tenderness of your most majestic
embrace has tackled the raging rivers
and mountains high to bring us face
to face..

I felt your love as it took a hold
reaching through my very heart
and ending with my soul.

You are my morning laughter, the
dreams in each hour, my daily
celebration that is soul

The wondrous beauty is magnified
for all to see, as our love is quite
the painter and the world a
canvas of dreams.

I am so ever grateful of this
most precious love,I am
certain it was sent down
from the angels above.

Was I chosen or was it time inspired?
The collision of a lifetime passionately

The darkness has founds its
way and I lay here awake and
dreams of you my love in
our most special place.

Heaven chose the clouds,
your love my heart and
and like a fire gone wild,
my soul caught the spark.

The roses are all in bloom
and with a summer time breeze
their fragrance documents
the love that you bring to me.

In Love

I thought I knew love,I thought it belonged to me, until my soul met yours and I knew that love was free. It soars like a kite caught up in the wind with a tail of passion attached where love begins. I thought I understood the caring of a soul, but it wasn't till I felt your love take a gentle hold. It moved my spirit and tears of joy roll down my cheek as I know my wants and needs were met when you came to me. I want your love, my soul believes it's a need, and combined they wrote the invitation to meet you into nights dream. I'll be there to hold you, I'll love you all night long and when you close your eyes my love, I'll sing to you our song. I thought I knew love, I thought it belonged tome, until my soul met yours and I knew that love was free.

Without you I am like a daisy in the shade...
alive but not blooming.

It is my whimsical desires which dances upon the heavens
while awaiting your most precious love.


Sings>La la la la la, la la la I need you! La la la la la, la la la I need you! The day has such a void like an emptiness from inside, no matter how I reach for you it scrambles my mind. I beg the heavens to whisper of my most precious love and send to you my darling a kiss via the clouds above.

La la la la , la la la I need you! La la la la la, la la la I need you! My eyes are closed and still I beg to see the magic of life, as it brings the dreams in a moment that feels so right. I see your image as if you were standing there, your hands stretched in a invitation that I quickly accept my dear.

La la la la la , la la la I need you! La la la la la, Ia la la I need you! I need to hear your voice whisper tenderly and cradle with my mind your heart genuinely To feel your arms holding me is a dream come true, to kiss you each and every night I sail the skies of blue.


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Cody said...

There is something about the way you write that has me always coming back for more.