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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Power of Friendship

My obsession is in declaring the greatest of love and until my last breath I shall record the words and leave indelible upon the steps of heaven. It is the script of destiny on the path of desire which led my soul to yours. My flesh shivers at the mere thought of our embrace, for time has revealed the truth of love lay within the heart.Why is that I weep? I weep for the abstinence of the physical being which hungers to unite our souls on earths plateau. It is not the soft whispers of the heart that are so troubling but the loud cries of the soul as it begs to find its place forever by your side.


The feelings of desire,
the fire in the heart,
cast you my love,
to dance upon the stars.

Haunting the images in
the night sky, where the
silhouette of two merge
your soul to mine.

Intense the passion,
magnificent the hour,
where flesh meets with
flesh in a blaze of fire.

Caught up in the rapture
of my want for you I beg
the heavens to make
this moment come true

In the garden nursery I was amazed how some branches of various live plants were braided and grown as one. You hear people say they have grown apart, which means their lives have taken different paths. Where love is true, we journey down various roads and with love for our partner we respect our differences and unite in our similarities as we bathe in a pool of love and respect.

When I say "I will always love you," you can be assured that you are not a temporary guest of my heart but have become layer by layer a part of my very existence and so you do not reside in my heart, you are one with my heart.

When I spoke with a friend recently the conversation briefly touched on the subject of the power of friendship. Though all friendships cannot be defined in the same manner, they do indeed provide us with a glimpse of life through the heart of another. It is obvious that true friendship is sowed with the seeds of love and there is where respect and faith in one another grows. The healthier the seed, the larger the bloom, the larger the bloom the more beautiful the canvas of life.
With the many trials of life to contend with, I found the strength which was provided to me through the gift of friendship. Filling an empty room with the song of love and the dreams that forever unite us.
I found some situations to be nothing more or less than a heavy burden to reckon with. My emotions teeter as my insecurities battle with the fire in me in the ongoing struggles on a day to day basis. It seems to be the like a light switch the off and on control switch where at one point I feel focused and at the extreme lost in the abyss.
In the child's game of Chutes and Ladders, everyone of course wants to keep climbing and moving forward and no wants to slide backward or remain idle. Funny how a simple childhood game reflects so much of life. On a personal note I am ever so grateful for the friendship that has taken the steps one at a time. Not quite at the top of the ladder I look out over our accomplishments in an amazement of the journey so far.

I don't know, I never asked the why,
life has taken so long to allow our
hearts to collide.

The seasons come and go and
this much I do know our love
implores that we shall endure.

Happiness is ours like a
mountain blaze a fire spreading
wide and far, for you are my
guiding star.

Love is when you reach for the hand
and you find the heart.
Close Your Eyes

I sometimes find myself falling into a state of a tizzy, where there is so much to do and I don't know which way to turn or what to do first. I think it becomes a mix between the Tazamanian devil, I love Lucy in a not so rare performance of a one woman circus under the rule of "Murphy's Law"This is the moment when it is time to chill out and find my way closer to your heart. I sit down at my desk, turn to the right and gaze out the window as the sun glistens through the trees and watch it work magic as it cast shadows like works of art on the side of the house. Song birds swoop down to the feeder to gather sunflower seed and return to building their spring time nest. I find myself daydreaming of our moments together, the joining of hearts and the dance of souls. Within a short period of time I find a calm and a closeness that reminds me you are as near to the moment as the song in my heart.

Sings> There is a song in my heart sung for you and it overflows with the magic of our love and all it can do. Sweet blend of joy and happiness, like a summer day and we're laying in the grass. There is a song in my heart sung for you and it overflows with the magic of our love and all it can do. Dance in the heavens, embrace on the clouds as it removes the darkness and allow the brilliance of love all around. There is a song, yes a song, a song in my heart, there is a song, yes a song, a song for you. There is a song, yes a song, a song in my heart,there is a song, yes a song, a song for you.

Our love is to big to contain,
wonderful and a bit insane,
magical enough to tease the

Our love is powerful indeed,
full of lovely memories,
a step beyond the ordinary

Our love was always meant
to be, searching and you
found me , walking while
we sing.

The simplicity of life is in the embrace of the moment.

Love will have succeeded in surfacing
above evil the day I wake up in your arms.

Love me as I love you and our love
will find the doorway through eternity.

To kiss you good morning and
again goodnight is surely the
highlight of my life.

You cannot feed the hunger of another's soul,
without first feeding your own.

The silence is troubling...

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