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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hold Still This Moment

I went outside to work in the gardens and transplant some maiden fern as I prepare for the farmers market. The heavy rain showers have brought on a high humidity and those sauna like temperatures have you quickly seeking the shade of the apple trees. That sounds nice but I think I am more desperate and soon will dart for the bedroom where I can lay in front of the fan and lower my body temp. Ahhhhhh by all means it is officially summer and you won't find me complaining about the beauty of the sun as it burns off the excess moisture added with the usual dew found each morning.
I went about the gardens going over the plants from the most common to the more exotic florals and ferns that I have growing about and I wish the summer season would last a lot longer than the few short months. Like the plants we thrive on the necessary sun light as well a good balance of water and the nourishment that fuels our being both mentally and physically.
It has been a long day and I finished gathering berries and bundling the asparagus and as I sit back and think of importance of you in my life, I feel a true sense of contentment. Call it the Que sa ra sa ra, kind of moment, whatever will be, will be.

My head upon your chest listening to you heart,
the moment so empowering a dream from a far.
Hold still the moment, forever will I be in the
arms of love when you are here with me.

If the Lord is listening, he will keep you safe and
allow for us to grow old, as I believe it's fate.
I love you madly, more then I can say and I
will love you my darling till time all fades away.

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