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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Rainbow Express

Life is but a rainbow with many colors to see,
and each reveals in varied hues of what you mean to me.

Yellow like a sunburst that warms my very soul,
and red for the passion that quickly took a hold.

Blue are the skies,white the clouds we dance
and orange like in autumn that deserves a second glance.

Green for life, for with you I have grown and
purple like a violet where you desire to have it so.

Life is but a rainbow with many colors to see,
and each reveals in varied hues of what you mean to me.

I am not quite sure why particular people or a situation seems to stay in the forefront of our memories. I didn't realize how long I have been selling poetry or how many events or trade shows I have completed. I don't really think about it except for this one man who I met years back at the labor day event. It was one of those shows where there is no hotel or camping and it's a two day event. So I would stay in the car overnight. There was an older couple who built a train to drive the children around in. They were the only other people who stayed overnight, they made up a make shift tent, where they would cook coffee etc. It''s awkward as we shared in breakfast once a year and he always had a warm smile on his face. In many ways I looked forward to seeing him. He enjoyed what he did, he loved the children and he was happy. In conversation I knew that he was battling cancer, but he was living as they say" life to its fullest." Last Union United Labor Day event, he wasn't there. Someone else was hired to take his place. I asked what happen and they said" he passed away". Ironically it bothered me more than many of my family members who passed away. I think it had a lot to do with the impact he had on people and yet after he was gone life goes on as usual. He has been on my mind way to much, I actually don't look forward to doing the event this year,it is like I expect to see him and his wife there. They were so much a part of the event. There was a warmth to them, they raised their own children and opened the door to many foster children, they were of a unique breed in that they lived truly a life of love and you could feel it from them.
Each car in the train was painted a different color, I like colors you know. There are many people who cross my path and a few find a place in your heart, even when you don't realize it. Every time I look at the schedule for September they are the first of my thoughts. I find it very sad and touching and yet I know I have to let it go. I don't know why it is so difficult and why this particular couple stays in the forefront of my memories. In some ways I thought it was a reminder of how short life is and how very little time we have to complete our goals on earth. I keep thinking there is so much to do, so much I want to do! Yet there are such the restraints upon the moment. Does the struggles ever pave way for a sense of peace or is each day just another step leading to the inevitable?

When the sun goes down each evening,
will you remember the sun lit day,
the laughter of the moment and the
the smiles we share each day?

When the day comes to and end and
no tomorrows are in sight, will you
remember how much I love you
and that your in my heart for life?

When the dreams of life are met
and the stars fade away, will
you remember that it was
you and I who put the spark
in the day?

It's not a shopping list but one I write each
day as a reminder of my goal to hold your
hand someday. to kiss you in the morning,
to hold you in the night, to walk those sandy
beaches. to lay upon the shore, to look into
the eyes of the one that I adore.

How is it we can laugh and cry at the same time?

Tomorrow is a very special day, but than
again everyday is a celebration when I am sharing it with you.


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Mark said...

It is amazing how people can come into our life and touch us in such a deep and profound way. I am sure when you go to this event you will see in your minds eye the colorful train and the knowing smile and you will again feel his presence as you sip your morning coffee. You are blessed to have been touched by this man. You, though you did not know it was part of his purpose, part of his journey. Embrace the memory and pay his love forward as a tribute to him. Much love to you!