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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Without Your Love

I've got everything, I have what dreams bring,
I have your love in me, just the way it was mean't to be.

It matters little what a lost soul may believe, for you have been guided and in my heart you shall stay, for I have felt your love from the very first day.

I hear the music and I'm waiting by chance, that you will return and we will dance. I feel the love and I feel the joy of living and loving each day with you.

If the sun loses all energy and no longer blazes high,it will have no affect upon my heart for I will love you beyond the end of time


I was reading passages that I had written over the years, it was obvious that they are the words spoken by my heart and soul. In some ways maybe more then I would like to admit, the prose and poetry are the voice of silence. I'll try to explain what is I have felt and feel the best way I can. In the day to day humdrum moments of life, we go about fulfilling the expectations that others place upon us and sometimes even those that we place on ourself. I use to see it as a responsibility to the web, the web being the network of people who are woven together into a mass. If we cut lose the web and set our soul free, there begins the journey beyond the silence, where both the heart and soul are give the voice to speak through the magic of the written word.
Happiness has always been at the center of the search for the greatest of experiences. In the many interpretations of happiness, you find that as important as it is to achieve it varies from individual to individual. I believe the ultimate experience is one that is shared. The sharing of moment can be so minor and yet bring such joy to the heart and soul. Well I am sure people are thinking that is easy enough! It would be easy if were honest to ourself, truthful and followed that truth, because at there very moment we would of honesty we would be sharing the most delicate of weave that which is stitched into our very being.
As I moved forward one step at a time into the cool pool water, I felt the satisfaction that comes from lowering the body temperature and I felt the sun on my face and I was mesmerized by the movement of water as it reflected off the rays of the sun. It was almost as if everything around me for that moment disappeared and I was one beyond earths hold. That is exactly how I feel when I share a moment with you, everything disappears and you and I become one separate from our surroundings. We endure our earthly experience simply so that we may expand on the secrets of life to achieve and over all willingness to excel beyond our trials to feel that magnificent infusion of love.
Our goal to achieve the ultimate in happiness and to bring the ultimate in happiness to those we love. Breaking through the wall like barriers placed by time, I smiled, giggled till I laughed and felt your love bring to me the pleasure of sharing in our very own happiness. Each day I hunger for more and more of you and dream of spending all of life making you happy. That is all I ever wanted, that is all I need, to kiss you good morning and kiss you good night..."you make me so very happy, I'm so glad you've come into my life"

I Have Your Love

\I have everything imaginable, a treasure deep and wide, I call it the gift of love and it's shared by you and I. Like a thousand rose gardens all blooming at one time, that is the power of love and which our hearts dine. I have the sun shine in the morning, the stars in the night, the magic of you which gives the darkness light. I have the river, the mountains and the sea, I have everything from earth to the heavens as circles back to me. I have everything imaginable, everything a person could dream, because I have your love and your love lives in me.

My Heart Only Sings of You and I

My heart is yours to do as you please and all that I ask is that you don' toss it to the sea.Embrace my love from spring until fall and again from the first snowflake and through the deep winter thaw. La, la, la, la no lullaby, my heart only sings of the love of you and I. La la la la, no lullaby, my heart only sings of the love of you and I.

My heart is yours to do as you dream and all that I ask it that you don't break it please. It's as magical as the castles in the sky where you are the King and I the partner by your side. Dance my love, just dance with me, in our very own castle of make believe. La la la la, no lullaby, my heart only sings of the love of you and I. La la la la , no lullaby, my heart only sings of the love of you and I.

Without your love there is an emptiness that dwells inside and a loneliness that surfaces and I can't possibly hide.The darkness which swallows the sky so blue, as it makes me yearn that much more for you.

Without your love, I am a empty vessel with no where
to go, like a ship lost at sea, alone and in disbelief.
Imagine a butterfly without her wings, as she
spirals helplessly without a voice to sing.

Without your love I am half of what I could be,
a shell without and inside to dream. The days
are long and madness seems to dwell as if
I stand at the gates of hell.

Without your love,nothings really seems to matter,
without the dreams, my heart is all but shattered.
I need you so, more than you will ever know,as
your the sunshine which brightens my day.

Without your love an ache takes a hold of my
heart and I feel as far away as the nightly stars.
I need you here with me, day and night for the
rest of my life to make the moment right.

Without your love there is no meaning to the
day and the dreams happiness begin to fade,
I stand awaiting your most precious love
as if like rain falls from the heavens above.

Without your love I fall into the abyss
and all that can save me is your tender
kiss. So I close my eyes once more and
I feel your love, from the one who I adore.

Without your love,nothing feels right,
as I need what you give just to live,
to feel the joy set free, your love is
what I need.

My dreams are always the same,
I know many think it sounds lame,
but all I live is for your embrace
and to hold you face to face.

My dreams are always the same,
I know many think it sounds lame,
but all I need is your love and to
be the one who holds your heart.

My dreams are always the same,
I now many think it sounds lame,
but if you reach to hold my hand
I guarantee I'll not let go.

My dreams are always the same,
I know many think it sounds lame,
but all I need is just one look into
the those beautiful eyes.

My dreams are always the same,
I know many think it sounds lame,
but this is I need you to know
that I'll always love you so.

My dreams are always the same,
I know many think it sounds lame,
but each moment was meant for
you and I hear on earth and
in the heavens high.


He who cast one shadow of doubt
has yet to feel the power of love.

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