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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Magic Of Loving You

The music plays as if you were here ,de de de, de de de, from my heart. a tune that my soul knows belongs to you, as we dance under the stars , you'll hear it to. De de de, de de de from my heart, a tune my soul knows belongs to you, as we dance under the stars, you'll hear it to, de de de , de de de , the music of my heart plays for you.

They say a "busy mind is a healthy mind" but the truth is no matter how busy or not I am, you always seem to be there in the fore front of my thoughts. I was swimming doing laps back and forth across the pool and even though the water was invigorating and I was so enjoying the moment, I couldn't help but imagine swimming into your arms. Whether work or play my mind drifts to a moment with you. So I decided I would embrace those thoughts and document the magic of loving you.

Candlelight dinner or a hot dog for two,
a boat on the river or standing on shore
with you. Day or night all my thoughts
are of you, and how much I love you.

I can't imagine anything more finer,
than holding your hand and making
you mine. The dreams that I have
each night bring the joy of your love
to life.

Sandy beaches or a winter storm,
through all the seasons our love
is at the core. My wants and my
needs are rest assured that you
are the one I will forever adore.

Walking through a forest of green,
or sitting down by the mountain
stream, it matters little what we
do, as long as I'm sharing each
minute with you.

The magic of loving you is obvious it endures and
is more wonderful with each beat of my heart.

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