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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Intoxicating moments of love...

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I have always been intrigued by the "Alice in Wonderland stories" and as I write and acknowledge the love that I not only give to you freely but the love I receive, I feel the joy of the magic that love showers down upon us. It is in documenting the words and documenting the words that I stumble through the first step in the doorway of the looking glass. Each morning I tumble on down and into your arms and there is where we begin the dance of love that empowers the moment in a surreal like images that soothe my spirit.
I've only had a couple hours sleep and I kind of start to ramble when I am in that state. I have so much to do today, though I don't think I will function well without a few more hours of sleep.So as I step closer to you and close my eyes and pass through our very own looking glass, may you be there to catch my fall and hold me forever in your arms....I do love you so.


When I was a child we gathered Elderberries to make jelly. It was alway the late summer thing to do, so I never really saw the Elderberry in spring time blossom. It was ironic when I first identified the Elderberry blossom in spring, it was amazing how many places I found the plant growing wild. There it was right in front of me all the time and I never noticed it. I think we are like that with many things in life, we totally go about ignoring all that is around us, call it shear ignorance. It is not until our attention is directed to a topic or a person, place or thing do we ever really acknowledge that which is around us on a daily basis. I never want to be that ungrateful that I forget to thank you for sharing in this life. I have not quite jumped out of bed yet and I lay here typing, I think of all that I have been blessed with. My mother use to say" if you give from your heart and you give it freely without expectation, you will never ever be disappointed."But in all reality in giving of my heart, I have been rewarded with that which makes the soul sing and dance upon the clouds. I am lying here upon the bed with an uncontrollable smile and a warmth which exudes from the heart and soul. At one point I thought it was sad that our paths took so long to cross and than I finally realized that the exact moment in time happens for reasons which are sometimes unknown to us. It might have been like the Elderberry where we would not have recognized the beauty which was in front us from the beginning? I think it is possible and that in truth we had to grow to identify the true source of love which is gifted to us in many ways. My eyes literally closed as my fingers manipulate the keyboard and I begin to type to the images locked within the mind.

The Abyss

In the center of the darkness,
your love prevails, it touches
my very heart and allows my
soul to heal.

I can feel your love each and
everyday, it's so very magical
to bring us to this moment of
in the most wonderful way.

You replaced the darkness
bringing sunshine to each
day, removing all the storms
no winter snows or rain
clouds of grey.

When I think of you,
my heart flutters so,
as if the butterflies,
just wont let me go.


Sings>Good morning love, good morning to you,
to wake in your arms is a dream come true.

Good morning love,good morning to you,
I sent the sun to shine down on you.

All my loving darling, though the summer blue,
I'm sending all my love, all my love to you.

I thought of that which I wanted in life and
in truth it was always very simple to be loved as I love.

It is not a matter of my want or need for you,
for the blend of comfort and excitement is magic in itself.
As I reached into the darkness I could feel the
energy of your flow through my soul.
They say that" another should not complete you,"
but with you I am complete, for I am at the
center of love's very existence.

I removed the straps of the cotton summer dress and slowly shimmied it down and let it fall from my hips.I took the barrettes carefully out of my hair and I shook and it back and fourth as I glanced into the mirror. The reflection was amazing it brought you here to me and nothing could remove it not even the seven seas. I must be crazy begging to have you here, wanting you so badly that I imagine your arms so near. I gathered my thoughts and I prepared to dream, as you were cast my lover from summer through winter into spring. I laid down on the linen soft and white and conjured the images with the power of the mind. Your body entwined gently and tenderly next to mine, so wonderful and magical I could feel your hands brush against my inner thighs. I held the moment still I placed it in my heart and before I knew I adjusted to the dark. The dreams swept me to the heavens high and there is where you are truly waiting to dance through the night. Love is magical indeed for it guided you safely to me.

There is no greater Love than that which removes
mountains and bridges all bodies of water to place
you in my arms.

It is not how much I love,
but how deeply your love
is felt by my heart and soul.

I would rather dance in the arms of love,
than drown in the turbulence of the devils eye.

If it be true...than give me strength.

Silence was broken by the song in my heart and from my lips the words of love are sung underneath the nightly stars.I feel it in the very depth of my restless soul, the love that reached for me and made a lasting hold. Love is something you just don't find, I believe it guides us from the beginning of our earthly time. It seems to be directed from the energy above as the Lord knew when I'd need you and when you'd need my love. The day was written, the song before we were born and the path that we would journey on sent us on a long and winding detour. But as they say, " the best is yet to come" for good things are worth waiting for when directed by love. The fan spinning air both warm and cool, creating a hum that makes my emotions torn. The night is calling, it beckons one with the dark, but you my love are with me if only in my heart. I know that you are holding, holding me close, as you breathe into me, the energy from your soul to mine flows.

I wasn't listening I blocked out their tune, the tree frogs in the garden were singing about me and you. I thought they were trouble, they sang both night and day and it wasn't until you reminded me that loves comes to us in different ways.
I now listen, I am happy as can be, as I now understand how you come to me. Your smile is in every blue sky, happiness in the stars, magic in a day whether you are near or far. You're the birth of spring, a sunny summer day and a color full fall and a winter in shades of white and grey.

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