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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Capturing the magic of a moment. There are chores you put off and sometimes it's just the ones you don't enjoy as much. But this morning as I went about work, the sun glistened through the window, the song birds sang their summer tune and I held you in my heart.

I hold you close both night and day,
you are in my heart to stay. Your
love like magic through the air,
brings little reminders of how
much you really care.

Dreams supersede to bring your
warmth here to me, love and
laughter, happily ever after,
all captured in a day with you,
that is how dreams come true,
when you dance with me under
skies blue.

There is a true magic that can be felt
when all that fills the heart is love.

To erase the heaviness all
I have to do is think of you.


So beautiful a summer day, when the sunshines down and replaces any shades of gray. The hills take on a different hue as they light up in their summer time do. I feel like dancing amongst the roses in bloom, with candles lit upon the grass as I hold on to you. Imagining the touch of your most tender embrace, causes me to quiver at gazing in your eyes while we are face to face. My heart beats as if it were in a race and I were the first one to cross the line and kiss your face. My soul cries out to you, to make this beautiful summer day dream come true.

Complicating perfection is what we do, because nothing is better than to be with you. Living and loving in the dreams where you are mine as we battle the moment to stop those hands of time. I love you more are words I have said before, I need you is a fact that I daily record, my soul begs to finalize this most gentle embrace by placing your heart in mine in our special place. Love is as real as real as it can be, it directed me to you and you to me.

Romance is when the mind pleasures the heart
in an invitation to passionately embrace the soul.

The passion that you display is something wonderful I feel each day. Created by desire, a reminder that quickly showers your love unto me. Rose petals tossed into the air and where they fall is where you and I will share. Lay your body right here , lay it next to mine and feel my heart beat as we going chasing time. Love unlocked the garden gates and when we passed on through and this where we challenge day both sun filled and blue. Tears flowing and I can't shelter my heart, it begs for you my darling, it begged from the very start. The silence is broken by my souls need shouting for you to hear and share this moment with me.

Feel my love, my love I give you,
taste my love I leave sweet upon
your lips.

Gaze unto the heavens and you'll see,
pirouetting the spun embrace of lovers,
your soul and mine as love would have
it be.

Feel my love, my love I give to you,
taste my love I leave sweet upon
your lips.

Remember this when we are apart,
that only he bodily is separated but
not our hearts.

Feel my love, my love I give to you,
taste my love I leave sweet upon
your lips.


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