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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 25, 2010

I Am So Very Tired

One fallen tear awakens the heart with
the dreams of yesterday...hold me my love.

I feel near exhaustion and my heart has slowed to an almost calm, slow like pace, as my soul restless awaits your arms to hold me as I sleep. I can barely stay awake, my eyes are so heavy now and though all I wish to do is gaze into your eyes and see that beautiful smile. I know that I must close them tightly and and in my dreams i'll trace the joy and happiness of your most loving embrace.
The sun has finally settled behind the mountains high and the room is awfully darkened and all I can do is think of you and I. One last glance out the window at the fullness of the moon, so large and wonderful the beams of light literally are shining down upon me and you. This is our moment where our souls brazen unite as one ,so look unto the evening sky and watch our spirits dance, for it was the heavens parting that gave our love a chance. Heart to heart and face to face on the clouds up high, we have broke the barriers to reach our love divine.
This moment is awfully special for the distance begins to fade and one to one our love unites in the most amazing way. My eyes are awfully heavy, I now can barely see and as I take one final look this was I see, the path as it placed, leads me to the dreams. I lay here upon the bed, my head upon the pillow and as I close my eyes to dream, something begins anew . It is very different,the ultimate infusion or is that I am simply under some off the wall delusion. Energy they call it, magic say's a few, but you and I know the truth it's our love above the blue.
Pure and unadulterated the moment is now hours, so hold on tight and don't let go, we're jumping mountains, swimming seas and conjuring up a fire. The passion led me to you heart, your heart gently embraced and now I lay within your arms in this most glorious and wondrous way.

Goodnight my love...

From the darkness a light,
from your heart sweet love,
unto the moment the dreams
are spun.

Spectrum of colors bridge the
sky, connecting the heart, to
the soul and the mind.

On flight to the heavens,
soaring quite high, beyond
the stars to the end of all

The variables of heaven and hell are to be seen,
as I have felt the love touch my heart, yet distance
itself with barriers wider then the seven seas.

I called out your name,
I beg hear my plea,
diminish the silence,
his love I need.

When the seed of love battles the wind
to infuse upon the moment my heart felt
dreams of you, then all will be as it should,
for you will embraced the truth, and the
truth is I...

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