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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing Our Song...

This is our song and the moment is ours and it is very easy to follow along. Go ahead and take my hand,mmmm very nice pull me real close, closer. Gently places my head on your shoulder and snuggles even closer and like the sixteen year old that is alive in us we sway to the music as our hearts beat ever so rapidly. Lights are out and a dimly lit candle is seen dancing on the wall. This is the easiest part of all close your eyes and set your soul free, I'll meet you in the clouds.


It is odd how your eyes adjust to the darkness and you are able focus and see things much more clearly. That is how it feels when your love is seen by the heart, it all becomes a whole lot clearer how much I need you and how much I want you. For you are the most wonderful person in my life and I live to share each moment with you. Rolling over into your arms and in the most amazing way listening to each beat of your heart. Every minute is that much more beautiful and worthy of being recorded in time, you are the magic of the moment, the dreams that wait to come true, the joy of my life is each moment I spend loving you.


Sings >It's not your embrace or
that smile upon your face,
it's not the look in your eyes o
r all that which is on your mind.

It was from the start the warmness in
your heart, that made me fall in love
and painted the sky a periwinkle blue.

It's not the things you do or
the way ya move, it's not the
dreams we live or the kindness you.

It was from the start the warmness in
your heart, that made me fall in love with you,
and painted the sky a periwinkle blue.

It's not your precious whisper or
the song you sing,it's not the words
of love that blue birds bring.

It was from the start the warmness
in your heart, that made me fall in love
with you and painted the sky a periwinkle blue,

I do, yes I do, I love you. I do, es I do, I
love you. I could shout it to the heavens,
shouts >I love you, I could borrow the wings of
a song bird,> I love you, I could sing it in
the hollow, >I love you, but it wasn't
until our hearts embraced that I knew
you were loving too.

I do, yes I do, I love you. I do,yes I do, I
love you. I could tell it to the blue jay
to fly my love to you, but I rather
whisper in your ear the words I
love you.

I do, yes I do, I love you, I do,yes I do,
I love you, I could dance it in the morning,
and feel your arms so tight, but until
I wake into those arms I'll shout it from
the mountains high. I do, yes I do, I love
you, I do, yes I do, I love you, I do yes
I do, I love you

I wake up every morning to the sweetness of your song and wonder what it's truly like to be in your arms. I wake up every morning loving you and wondering if you are still loving me too. My heart is singing, it sings both day and night, the words of I love you are words I just can't fight. I wake up every morning with you on my mind as I walk on through the dreams that make you mine.
... all a side our love is the greatest of all loves,
for it the most unselfish act that I have embraced.

Did you ever watch a movie and wish it had a different ending? I have done that often. Everyone likes happily ever afters and who wants to walk away from a movie sad?Two movies which I would have changed the ending, one was "My best Friends wedding starring Julia Roberts" and " The million dollar baby starring Clint Eastwood" In my best friends wedding I would have like to have seen Julia Roberts get the guy and in the Million dollar baby movie well that was just the saddest movie ending ever. So anyways it makes you think that life doesn't always turn out like peaches and cream. Back in the eighty's they had these books which were popular as the reader could choose the ending. There was a multiple of choices and if you chose one over the other you could see the final outcome change. In all reality we are the author of our story and we stand at the y in the road and we choose to some degree our final outcome.
Sometimes more times than enough I have not wanted to take a stand and make a choice and so I left those choices up to the other people who were in my life. It seemed as if at times it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Kind of like asking a person where do you want to go for dinner? and you tell them and they say no lets go here. Why ask in the first place if you didn't really want to hear their reply. I use to think in my younger years that I was a salesman's dream. That I would walk into an appliance store knowing what I wanted and walk out with whatever he was selling and than I would be greatly disappointed in my final decision. I have learned more to adhere to my beliefs and decisions, whether they are minor like choosing the new kitchen floor or more major decisions like where I want to be and who I want to be. I still slip up and fall back into old habits, but I have become more aware of the choices that I am capable of making.
How do choices alter the final outcome? There is no doubt as we stand at a major intersection that each road will take you in a different direction but in all reality each road also circles around and can lead us in the exact same direction. I figured in all reality there is simply a time and place for everything. It is about being ready, my mine drifted back to the young woman of nineteen on a path, but not quite really getting a grasp of the direction the path was leading. In many ways I didn't understand that it wasn't always meant to be about the final goal or an ending, it had more to do with how you get there. Enjoying the path you choose to journey, stopping as they say to "smell the roses" and appreciating each moment we get to live. Theoretically it all seems pretty easy, you make a choice and you follow that path where ever that made lead you. But it is not just one decision, there are many along the way. It is kind of knowing wild plants and what each is capable of, as each plant has a scientific property to it that might make it useful as we journey on. I thought life is pretty much the same, some choices toxic and others a little more nourishing. How do we know which ones are which? Sometimes we don't sometimes we make a toxic decision and have to know when to spit it out. The importance is knowing when is the right time and what is nourishing and what is not.
I have to admit as I learned to stand up and stand by my choices, I have learned not only what benefits you at the time, but that which is more nourishing to the heart and soul. That is pretty much what we are doing, feeding or starving the heart and soul. It wasn't until I began to accept who I was and maybe understand who I was that I was able to see the importance of each decision we make. In some off the wall way we are led not only by the choices we make but by those we don't make. This is how we alter the outcome by choosing the time and place. In many ways I believed that each step and each decision leaned one upon the other as a guide to our most destined place, whether that was true or not.
Do I believe in destiny? Do I believe there is a Universal energy field in which our future is predetermined? I believe there is a universal energy source and it is only upon denying or accepting it that we alter the path. What various elements are necessary on the journey does depend on the time and place and of course our readiness to accept the truth of our journey.
I think we are taught to focus on goals whether that is short or long term goals, but in all reality, I believe that our choices should be more focused on the course of a days enjoyment than where we will eventually end up. Almost as if we were map questing life to get the destination and missing out on the importance of the journey itself. It is through our heart and soul that what we need is revealed. Following our dreams is only a part of the journey, identifying the road signs and recognizing the importance of our choices is as crucial as who we allow along side us on this stroll through life.
The more I thought about it the more obvious the answers were. It is about energy, because it takes more than one persons decisions to justify opening the gateway to destiny. We are the finest heart sewn quilt, each person that we interact with becomes a part of the final product. Not one leaning upon the other like in a game of Domino, but many whose decisions also play apart in what direction our souls travel. It is those who were much more weak in character that truly led me to you. It is your strength on this side by side journey that brightens even the darkest of days. Yes I do believe in destiny,love and happiness as each day with you is a happily ever after waiting to happen.

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Mark said...

You express you love with such eloquence. Each choice has purpose, each choice will take us along different paths and each path will lead us home.