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Thursday, June 03, 2010


The gentle embrace of the heart
reveals a warmth to the soul.


Knowing that the rain is necessary doesn't make it any easier to motivate on rainy days. There are many things that I could be doing, though waking up with a horrendous headache has limited my options. I listened to some music and read a few biographies on great singers who have passed on at very young ages. I found it rather sad that some really great talent had graced us with a few years of beautiful music and song only to pass on leaving a void in the magic of their music. It really shed light on the vulnerability that life, time and space place upon us. All I could think of in the absence of your being is that I really want you to know... I love you.

Whispers of love are falling in the rain and though the rain is limited ,the infusion of our love will remain. Deep in your heart, next to your very soul from the moment you reached out and formed our eternal hold. Hold on to the moment, hold on to all time, our love is awfully special it has a hold on my heart, soul and mind. Whispers of love are falling in the rain and though the rain is limited, the infusion of our love will remain.

Friendship Tree

Sweet love exposed to me, from the mountains, to the river and down through the stream. Quaint is the images that take over the sky, a silhouette of lovers embraced for all time. Dance my love, come dance with me, I am awaiting your hand under the friendship tree. The roots are strong, the branches so wide and the leaves whisper in the wind to invite you to my side. Dance my love, come dance with me, I am awaiting your hand under the friendship tree.

My heart had never known a great lover nor felt such magic from inside, until the day you took my hand and pulled me to your side. The treasure was immeasurable, enormous the size as with each moment that passes I get a glimpse that inspires the mind. My hands uncontrollable records the words of love so they may have their resting place in the heavens above.

I have felt a special love so wonderful indeed, it fills my heart and touches my soul as it brings me to my knees. The magic doesn't stop there it continues to grow and returned from your heart and soul a love I never thought I get a chance to know. Warm like the sun of rays that shine down from the sky and as wonderful as the early morning when your soul meets up with mine.


People toss around the word lucky as
if life and love were a game of chance.

It was not by chance I met you as destiny played a part and the journey through the heavens started in the heart. It wasn't a game, I didn't take a chance, for it was quite natural to give to you a second glance. You're the love of my life, the magic that leads my soul, you're the happiness I feel that entwines like threads of gold upon a spool.

The Sin

The sin is in the distance that keeps us apart and had it not been for the angels our love might never had gotten a start. I love you my darling , I love you my friend, I'll love you forever as our forever has no end. Love me my darling, love me my friend and our love will find forever around really has no end.

Every morning as I watch the sun rise, I think of you and the magic of our time. The hills a carpet of May apple green blend with the trees to create a summer scene. My eyes drift to the clouds up in the sky, where you and I dance, soul and mind. I can' t describe no matter how I try, the merging of our souls beyond what the heart defines. Zap went the moment, Zing went the smile and from that very first moment I knew what I had found. Your love, yes , yes , yes, your love I found , your love fell like rain from the heavens to the ground.

Like a lock and key is your love in me,
a perfect fit to our most perfect dreams.

Two young lovers were distanced by many miles and he requested of his lover the need for her presence he said " I need you, because I can't hold myself" We have many wants but our need to be loved is high on the list of the necessities.

To feel your arms holding me tight,
and gaze into your eyes and give
a kiss goodnight, that is not a
want my dear but my need to
hold you here.

Sings> You're my every good morning, You're my every good night, like the sun rising in the morn and the stars that light the sky. Warm is the embrace that takes a hold of me and touches in away that reaches through our dreams. The celestial sky of blue is a canvas in the make and star to star we dance s my heart was yours to take. You're my every good morning, you're my every good night, like the rising in the morning and the stars that light the sky.

If the heart a puzzle and time interlocks each piece,
than soon you'll see its completion is more then just a dream.
The Abyss, the space between heaven and hell.
Interwoven a connection indeed for your arms
are my heaven and no hell will we see.

Images are flashing like periods of time
to reveal the truth of love is not simply of mind.

I thought the most magical emotions were felt in
the giving of love, that was until I felt your love...

What makes the forbidden fruit so sweet is the
time it takes to ripen on the vine..


Mark said...

"Baby the rain must fall" - remember that lyric?
You express your love with such beauty. Sometimes the brightest flame burns but for a short time. Feel not sorry for those who burned out quickly and be grateful for the light they gave us.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
I wasn't actually familiar with the song, so I did a search.

Some men swim the sea
Some men fly above the sky
They are what they must be.

But, Baby the rain must fall
Baby the wind must blow
Wherever my heart leads me
Baby I must go
Baby I must go.

I do not love for silver
I do not love for gold
My heart is mine to give away
It never will be sold.

So, Baby the rain must fall
Baby the wind must blow
Wherever my heart leads me
Baby I must go
Baby I must go.

I am not rich or famous
But who can ever tell
I don't know now what waits for me
Maybe heaven, maybe hell.

Baby the rain must fall
Baby the wind must blow
Wherever my heart leads me
Baby I must go

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