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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue skies Blue

Blue skies blue,
get bluer when I 
am with you

Blue skies blue, 
get bluer when I
think of you. 

Blue skies blue, 
get bluer when I
reach for you. 

Blue skies blue,
get bluer when I
am with you. 

The gift is not in the sun shining down on the bridge, or the crystal water reflecting below the bridge. It is the omniscient knowledge that with love all things are possible. When I cross the bridge of life and I find you waiting, I will have all that I will ever need for it will be evident to all of a love so warm , wonderful and kind. 

When I think of all that I don't have, 
stop, pray and rejoice for all that I do. 

As I engaged in the review of past endeavors,I saw it all in a new light. It all seem to be due to a new level of maturity. Growth is inevitable,unless you tread in denial. There are somethings you never forget, but never the less a refresher course doesn't hurt.

 Kick faster, 
pull harder, 
reach the shore.

Climb higher,
look further, 
see what's in store.

To worry about the future
 is a foolish endeavor. 

My heart felt a temporary touch of sorrow
and then I laughed and said "crazy is crazy."

If our choices equate with our
actions and alter our outcome, 
I shall then choose love,
 live love both day and
 night resting in 
your arms. 

Sometimes I feel numb,lost and lonely...
one page in a passing chapter.

It's not what we experience,
but our response to what we experience.

Facts are the missing pieces,
the rest is just a blur. 
When you pave the way with truth,
you unlock the gates of trust
revealing the gift of love.

I have this crystal ball and nothing could I see, until I realized all to see is seen through me. I saw my many choices, the paths that lay ahead and when I gazed a little further I saw there was truly no end. The days are quickly passing and our time on life is short but little does that matter as we pass what in our hearts we store. 

In my heart I hold your love, hold the dreams,
 hold your memory...in my heart. 

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