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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

poetry...or a view of the heart

+Today the sun was shining,
the sky a summer blue and
the breeze to my soul blowing
in the direction of I love you.

Clouds were in a distance,
with shades both dark and gray,
so I grasped to hold you close
to make them fade away.

I knew tomorrow would never
be today, for it took a bit of
yesterday to send us on our

I knew I saw in the horizon
a tale, filled with lessons
that in my heart swell.

I believe that souls can fall in love,
that two hearts together will merge into one.
That dreams are a gateway where heavens
aspires to reach out in the darkness and
create our own hour.

When I was a child I'd find myself lost in a dream, wondering where I am going and who will wait for me. Time had passed and now I can see, that you captured my heart and set my soul free.

When the world seemed to overwhelm I was trapped both in my heaven and hell. For I could see the good and I could see the bad and I sometimes felt happiness and other times I was sad.

The years have made a fool of me, as I tried to stop them from taking a hold of me. But they kept on moving as fast as can be, while taking with them all my hopes and dreams.

I thought about my life and all I have yet to do and a tear fell like a raindrop from the blue. I knew heartache, I lived through despair and I held your love,for I knew you really cared.


I lived for tomorrow,
while my today's were passing me by. 

Love is not about perfection,
it is about respecting not only the beauty of
another soul but the faults of being human. 

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