Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

da da da , da da da da ....

Stars from the heavens,
sand through my toes,
dreams from the heart
and the beauty of a rose.

Your hand in mine,
lips sweet to lips and
the warmth of your
embrace of bliss.

Pictorial Prose was not ever meant to be a place for political views. I do know that nature is life and life is nature. I am not talking pretty little suburban gardens, but all of nature, a weed is a weed until you can identify it and all a sudden it's a flower, a flower is a flower until you learn its medicinal use and all of sudden it's a ... The reality is the more we educate the less ignorance in which our great nation is ruled. One thing must be kept in mind when taking action upon earth is what do we leave to future generations. The destruction of earth in lieu of greed shows just how ignorant the human race really is. 

Blood leaf growing,
flowers in bloom,
the air we breathe,
and the amazing loons.

Sunshine warm 
and earth green,
threatened by
man's very greed. 

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