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Friday, May 25, 2012

Reaches for Your Hand

I think I needed yesterday off. The weather was beautiful and I really didn't feel like doing anything. I reviewed the past and explored the present. I came to the realization that a lie creates disappointment and the truth no matter how it hurts expands on the claim to what is.
In many ways I feel stunted even with so much growth. I see all the gifts that reveal them self on this magical journey. In the short of it I said my hello's and my good byes. When all said and done it's not about our achievements or what we have gained, but more about the lives we come in contact with and the differences they make in our life as well as the differences we make in theirs. 
Life is like a Monday through Sunday on a lot larger scale. Today I feel like I am at the Wednesday of life, a little tired, still more energy to go and a lot more to see and do. I know that today will never be like yesterday and tomorrow will never be like today. It is filled with new beginnings and yes and ending. The roads we travel have graced us with many lessons, these are the trials and triumphs. It is not that I am much wiser, but a little more cautious. I have had my share of stumbling and falling and dusting myself off to get back up. Wednesday of life is like being at the top of the hill and getting ready to make your way over it. 
Sometimes I found that I wanted to believe the paradise and fantasy so much so that I kept a blind eye to reality. Keeping it all in perspective I have come to appreciate as I create a balance between my dreams and my desire. 
Initially my promise was to acknowledge love everyday for the rest of my life. I don't think that changed much, other than accepting that love in the larger scheme of things comes in various packages. There is friendship, family, lovers , dreamers and those we work with and the people that cross our path. We all are unique and very individual people and we are all a puzzle needing to be completed. Some puzzles are put together sooner than others and well others just take a little bit longer to find those missing pieces and complete the picture. I imagine knowing and accepting all of you that you are would be perfection, not perfection with out fault but perfection in its completeness. 
I helped in creating my own world,simply by agreeing to that which I didn't agree and accepting what I found unacceptable. Then I saw that life outside my own had also came with experiences and trials that are not acceptable. 

Today my heart beats slowly and my soul is content and whether I stand strong or buckle knee weak, the road that I travel is to me unique. 

I can only tell you what my eyes see
 and my heart feels, I can only express
 the truth of my soul and passion of
my being. 

I can only share my thoughts on this
journey, my choices, my failures,
my dreams and desires. 


My needs have always been rather simple... to love as I love. 

I once wrote a poem " the weight of a tear" 


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