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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Summer

We don't need a calendar to tell us what the weather already has. It is summer! Short of complaining , I will say it is really hot today. The temperatures hit about 92 degrees and the humidity was like a sauna. When most people will be going to the beach or having an outdoor barbecue, I will be working Memorial Day. Ah! but what better way to celebrate Memorial day than attending the 148 th ceremonial of remembrance in the birthplace of Memorial Day in Boalsburg, Pa. In 1864 three towns women decorated the graves of fallen soldiers thus creating a day where we give honor to those who have given their lives in the battle for freedom.

To wake up in the morning and close your eyes at
night, thankful for each day and the comforts of life.

Someone stood to battle, many fallen and maimed ,
they gave their lives to protect what we take
for granted day after day.

Having two sons who served in the military you are quickly reminded that it's not as easy as alive or death. Many of our soldiers come home physically or mentally impaired. These are the men and women who are put through rigorous test and surfaced scared. It's not about giving but acknowledging and opening the windows in the mountains. Opportunity keeps busy the mind. But I believe more thanks needs to go out not just for those died but for those who are still serving in our country.

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