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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


There was so much positive energy transferred between the people and myself yesterday. I was hectic busy and yet the words of gratitude, ego stroking and warmth of kindness did not fall upon deaf ears. You would think after traveling and meeting people it wouldn't have such an affect on my soul. But to this day the energy and the faces of the many people I have met have impacted my life on a major scale.
It was empowering for I had achieved a level of respect in various communities and that had lightened the heaviness I carry in my heart. As I drove down the road today, I felt like a bird soaring. There was indeed a sense of freedom. Times like those moments when customers grab me and hold me and tell me" don't stop what you are doing you are wonderful" that I have come to terms with that they are not just impacting my life I am leaving footprints at their door as well. It is this interacting with people, the acknowledgement  that makes it all very much so worth wild. There were many people who waited in line to talk with me and the purchasing part wasn't bad. All that assured me of myself worth.
The following day I felt on a bit of high as if my soul said" yes Rachel you are on the right track" I didn't look back and I wallowing in the present, I was creating a new path to the future.  My shop away from home looked lovely. I was sorry I didn't take my camera. I was so busy that I had no time to look at the other vendors. I had made my mark on the world. I had risen above the negativity to reach a realm that I never even dreamed of.
Today I reached that point where I didn't feel like I was constantly catching up. When I thought about it, it takes the first half of the year to make the second half profitable. Whewwww but I am doing it. Despite the eminent domain issues and the personal ones that occasionally continue to haunt.
When I look out my bedroom window, I can see that the air is so still. Not even the slightest breeze and kind of an eeriness to the day, as rain might be on its way.
I played an old Cd that I had made years back, each song brought fourth memories. I didn't know what to think. But right and wrong didn't figure into the picture. I just saw stepping stones, that is what it was and is, stepping stones. I still don't comprehend it all and it's only after a situation meshes with one of the moment that I see how it all relates. Then it all makes sense you understand more the lessons of life and the steps that lead you further. I was at one point wanting to hold still time and that was the error of my way. Growth, change and moving on all was necessary.
As I expanded on products that I never intended to encompass, I felt again comfortable, empowered. I guess that is the main reason I didn't drop the boutique from Autumn. I wanted to have that diversity, because I am not a person that is pigeon holed into one item or topic. I love life and all that is capable of bringing to us. It  reminds when people would see the various gardens in bloom . They would quickly say" oh you have so many beautiful gardens" It may look like different gardens but to me, It is one garden. Life personally and professionally are an extension of who we are. Like a bouquet of flowers, I like to think of this life a bouquet of many colors. 

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