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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Heart, Soul and MInd

The hollow is at it's peak in performance. The nourishment from the  early spring rain finds the trees covered in varied shades of fresh green leaves. The once spawning fish have moved down stream to a larger body of water and the birds are all going about caring for the newly laid eggs. Spring is indeed my favorite time of the year. It is a time of renewal and a celebration of life. With all it's positive qualities it comes with a time of goodbyes. As I acknowledge twenty years in passing of my grandmother and sister, the emphasis is not placed on sadness but how quickly life passes before us.
I was gathering fresh lemon balm and various mints from the gardens this morning. When it came down to it, I felt like a old time gatherer. I was sure that herbs and medicinal plants were not just a learned behavior but a part of my being. There is a unique unity, acceptance and calm that comes with knowing which road to journey. I find that the further I travel the more clearer it becomes.
I am a bit excited about my trip this weekend and I hope that it is a success. At one time success meant how well I did financially, but as times passes I realize success is the achievements made through awareness. Each person that crosses our path, unites in spirit and rejoices through life becomes a testimony to our own individual journey.
I try to find forgiveness within myself to allow for a greater experience. Somethings are more difficult and the forgiveness is not as easy to achieve. I find we are all puzzles, some pieces lost never to be found, misplaced or just darn right difficult to identify. One tear swelled from my eye and rolled down my cheek. I try to explore the emotion and justify the feelings that were stirring within me. This tear contained a child's vision, a women's struggles , yesterdays sorrow and the fear of tomorrow. I took a deep breath and slowly blew it out, as if I could blow away all the negativity.
Our needs are so simple and our wants so complicated.

Wipe away the fallen tear,
hold me close and love me
it's all I need my dear.

Your lips to mine, morning
and night, would bring
happiness for life.

Wipe away the fallen tear,
hold me close and love me,
it's all I need my dear.

Your heart to mine, our
beings entwined, as we
love, heart, soul and mind.

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