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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hold still the
moment of love.

Hold still the dreams
where two are one
Hold still the memory,
where you first came to me.

Without your love,
there'd be darkness,
without your warmth,
I'd be frozen in place.

Without  our dreams,
there would be emptiness,
without hope we'd lose
all sense of faith.

Without music,
there'd be no song,
without song, there'd
be no dance.

Without you,
there'd be no happiness,
no smile on my face,
for I'd be lost without
your embrace.

If time could stop from moving on,
I'd choose your arms to hold me,
so tender and yet so strong.

If rainbows came crashing down
from the sky, I'd take the bridge
of happiness to connect your
heart to mine.


I wanna love you and
know you love me too.

I wanna kiss your lips
and share the sweetness.

I wanna gaze into your eyes
and see them reflecting mine.

I wanna love you and
know you love me too.

I wanna whisper in your ear,
words that show I care.

I wanna here you say, you'll
love me each and every day.

I wanna take your hand and
walk along the sand.

I wanna love you and
know you love me too.

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