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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

...chases away the dark.

I saved you a seat here by my side,
where we can watch the early sunrise.
Nothing matters that is true as long
I know that you love me too.

I saved you a place here in my heart,
from the moment you gave it that spark.
Igniting passion and desire, it now flames
uncontrollably like a wild blazing fire.

Real and tangible is the love that you give. 

Rain or sunshine this has to be the most beautiful of seasons. The trees are dressed to perfection in the richest of green colors. The flowers race to bloom and each week provides us with a fine display that is both enticing with its floral fragrance as it is with its wide variety of color.

This rainbow is special,
it bridges you and I , 
each color formed arches
 perfectly across the sky. 

I can see the sunshine,
the warmth of your heart,
I can view the blue sky,
it's where life gets a start. 

I took the memories, 
those that made me smile,
and saved them for rainy days,
stored in my life's files. 

Some were simple, 
people wouldn't understand,
that those I hold dearest 
are like a grain of sand. 

The kite soaring above the lake,
sitting on a rock watching the waves.
Singing and laughing, sharing life with
you, I saved them all in my heart, 
the days when the sky was blue. 

I woke up in Carolina,
laying on that gravely sand,
gazing at the night sky and
wondering where I fit in
God's great plan.

Time had passed,
and heartache made its
way and once more I
wondered if my choices
paved the way.

Today looks very different
that is true, for I have learned
the differences of love true.
Holding hands, sharing hearts
and a kiss of magic that chases
away the dark.

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