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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Poetry

  We need not be reminded of love, 
for each day we stand in celebration of such love. 

Life is but a revolving combination 
of circumstance, choice and actions. 
Soft pastel pink roses arch from the hills on down, as the sun pierces through the leaves and graces with a shadow upon the ground. The wind a choreographer gently takes to the sky and performs a magic that can be caught with the naked eye.  Wild rose petals wind spun in circles, partners with the dance of leaves that fan over the violets purple. Breathtaking the image, calming to the soul, for the moment set a stage where dreams will now unfold. 

I love you darling with all my heart, I'd love you my sweet from the start. We took to the heavens and embraced the stars, from the moment you took my heart. 

The truth has spoken and time has revealed that true love really does heal.Holding hands day after day and grateful what happened when your love came my way. 

Life is full of colors indeed, 
sunshine yellow and blue 
memories. There is the red
of our love, the green of spring
and the seasons that a rainbow
I'll hold you, I'll love you,I'll kiss you goodnight.I'll embrace our love for the rest of my life. 

My fingers went to typing , my soul danced in the rain and my heart went a racing as I celebrated the love that showered down on us that day. 

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