Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


More is the sweetness of a morning kiss,
the magic of life with you I wouldn't miss.

More is the warmth of your embrace,
gazing into your eyes, face to face.

More is to share in your smile while I
gaze into your eyes for awhile.

More is loving you with all my heart,
charting the heavens from star to star.

More is a dream of you come true,
side by side just me and you.

More is a walk along the beach,
hand in hand while our hearts speak.

More is to say good night while by
your side, cuddle close forever mine.

More is to watch you fall sleep, brush
the hair from your forehead while you dream .

More is to dance with you day and night,
on earth and the heavens for all of life.

More is to know that you'll be here with me,
and I will never ever be lonely.

More is to watch the sun rise,
and to be with you as it says goodbye.

More is to feel your comforting embrace,
as you wipe the tears from my face.

More is ice tea on a hot summer day,
watching the ducks in the water wade.

More is a stroll when the gardens blooms,
hand in hand just me and you.

More is nothing and more is everything,
more is how you make my heart sing.

More is my life when I am with you,
more is a look at the sky blue.

More is each day that I am with you,
no matter what we say or do.

More is the suns light upon my face,
as I daydream the time away.

More is growing old with you and
loving each gray hair that comes through.

More is knowing our love is great and
will survive another time and day.

More is a blue bird flying by and the
happiness bursting from inside.

More is all the plans we have yet to do,
and I know we'll make it all come true.

More is a rose that awaits bloom and
petals on my pillow that await you.

More is the memories you have instilled,
kept safe in my heart and pulled at will.

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