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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Where Dreams Begin


One with the mountains,
one when the hearts sings,
one with your love and
one with your memory.

One with the words I write,
one when you hold me tight,
one with your kiss goodnight
and with the morning light.

Where there is dreams,
there is hope, where peace
there is love, where there is
faith in the moment, there's
the power of the heavens

Where there is darkness,
you'll find light, where the
 stars are shining bright.
Where there is love, you'll
find me waiting there for you.


Reflect upon the moment,
the valleys and mountains high,
with our obligation to leave a
part of our heart behind.

Graced across the blue skies,
with the comfort from above,
like angels looking down to
celebrate our love.

In the middle of the day,
caught in a daydream,
wishing my life away.

In the middle of a field,
caught in the moment,
on the first of May.


Take the time,
to enjoy nature's little signs,
mountains, streams, rivers
and dreams of you.

Ducks are nesting,
blue birds in flight
are testing, just what a
little patience can do.

Rainbows across the sky,
clouds white passing by
and my heart reaches
out for you.


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