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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day to Day

I always wondered how my grandmother felt, she outlived two husbands, a son and many friends. I thought to myself how does one age when everything around them is changing?  As time goes on and the body begins to age I find that the mind does not necessarily keep up with the exterior part of our being.

I love as if it was yesterday
and we the children at play,
I can see the wind blown swings
on the sun lit bright spring day.

Happy thoughts I cannot shed,
for the memories stay retained,
the sweet and gentle love of
you and I forever remains.

The seasons are quickly passing,
each one to bid adieu and yet
the chapters of life require
we continue to pen anew.

Tears flood the heart and wash
up like waves from the sea,
to cleanse the spirit and
renew with a daily dream.

I chanced to touch the flesh
and I had felt it tremble so,
the wants and needs of simplicity
reveal what time already knows.

I carry with me the knowledge,
the memories and dreams,
tucked away like a treasure,
for whenever it is in need.

The wind speaks in riddles,
as it cast a eerie spell,
breaking the silence,
the story of love it tells.

Time is indeed passing with
many hello's and goodbye's
but the love that cast the awakening
lives within my heart and mind.

When tomorrow fails to come and
yesterday fades away , review
the memories we created
they live on from day to day.

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