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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Touch of My soul

My Heart Whispers

In the midst of the night when darkness rules, I reach out to you with the touch of my soul. My heart whispers, repeating your name, "wake up my darling" my heart exclaims. 

Black and eerie and still is the night and as I close my eyes I bring you to sight. Your sweetness I taste on my lips as I visualize the pleasure of a good morning kiss.

 The dreams quite haunting as if you were here and listening my darling to the dreams meant to share. Two silhouettes etched in time a beautiful reminder that you are mine.

 My love, my dream, my friend, the spirit of happiness without an end. My arms are open , my heart here for you, ready to hold you under the heavens blue.

 Listen my darling my heart whispers to you,as I call out in the darkness " I love you." The words simple meant only for you, in a dream that waits to come true. 

Hearts meet
souls bond,
love flows,
dreams live.

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