Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, January 31, 2013

February ...the month of love.

My heart knows, 
my soul approves, 
my mind troubled 
but I still love you. 

The beauty of love,
the true magic of life, 
the many dreams that 
bring our love into the light. 

Snowflakes falling,
summers blue,
spring blossoms,
and a fall in 
every hue. 

First or last, 
mix or match, 
no matter the
season I have
you in my grasp. 

It's no secret, 
for my heart
shows it well,
the stories of
love and how 
you cast that 
spell and how
you took me 
to your heart.

It's no dream,
nor a fairy tale
as I hold you 
close to me, 
dancing to 
memory the
love I know 
so well. 

Over and over and over again,
I whisper words of love,  to 
you my special one, who holds
my heart from day to day.

Over and over and over again,
I close my eyes and I am 
never surprised, that you are 
are just a thought away. 


Everyday there is dream, 
there is a song to sing, 
a dance for two waiting, 
a lover of forevermore. 

Everyday there is a bloom,
a flower that stands in bud,
filled with tender love 
opening up for you and I.

Immortal Our Memory

The music quite enchanting
it played right to the heart
and you my love sung the
chorus from the very start.

You touched my weary soul
 embraced it with hello and
from that first moment and
enigma was soon provoked.


He who touched my heart,
raced with my soul,
danced upon the heavens
like silk unraveling from its fold.

I shan't chase  the shadows,
I am blessed from what they hold,
but I 'll not forget that love of
life for in my heart I'll hold.

Winter has now spoken,
though no secrets will it tell,
the delight of lovers dancing,
is cast like angels in a spell.

Yesterday is over ,
tomorrow is yet to come,
but in my heart the
love is cast like an eternal tale.

Immortal Our Memory

Tonight the angels summoned,
lay gentle in my arms
calm your restless spirit
and to the night we will dwell.

The soul and body quiver,
uniting one with one ,
joins our hearts together
in an everlasting love.


Don't wake me if I am dreaming,
the full moon cast a spell and
in the midnight visions, I saw
what in my heart dwells.

It is you my sweet love
who embraces in the night,
who cast the love of angels,
to comfort till the morning light.


This love is forever,
unconditional that is true,
no barriers to bound it,
to the dark of storm like hue.

No sorrow or sadness,
its not what we do,
but how we loved upon
this earth that makes the
sky so blue.


It is not I
but we who battled the storms,
and surface from the many,
rising out of love to cast the
dreams like star dust of plenty.

We will not perish,
forever is yours and mine,
from the moment you entered,
our hearts quickly entwined.

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